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02-16-2013, 07:43 PM
Saturday, 16 February 2013 18:46

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Baghdad (AIN) –The Parliamentary Integrity Committee revealed that key sides within the Ministry of Interior are involved in the deals of the Explosive Detection Devices.
The member of the Committee, Sherwan al-Waeli, stated to AIN “The security forces are still using the Explosive Detection Devices that proved to be failed in its performance as we witness armed activities and security breaches in the country.”
“The deal over the Explosive Detection Devices is corrupted,” he added,” noting that “The Committee assumed the task of following up this deal where the General Inspector in the MoI, Akeel al-Tirihi, was hosted by the Committee as he explained that the second stage of following this issue is still ongoing.”

“There are prominent sides involved in this corrupted deal that led to wasting the general money and loss in the Iraqis’ lives,” he mentioned.
“We called the Integrity Commission and the General Inspector in the Ministry to speed up settling this case as soon as possible,” he stressed, assuring that “The British Government will sue the owner of the Company that exported these devices to Iraq.”
“Each device was imported with a cost of 66 million IQD while its real price is 1 $ only,” he concluded