View Full Version : Surge in attacks on domestic oil pipelines

03-02-2013, 03:56 PM
By Samer Saeed
Azzaman, March 2, 2013
There has been a surge in attacks on oil pipelines ferrying fuel products between Iraqi provinces in the past few weeks.
National pipelines carrying crude oil for export to international markets are reported to be fairly safe due to increased protection, mainly by local armed groups.
Most vulnerable is the network of pipelines streaming from the refinery complex in Baiji, north of Baghdad. More than half of Iraq’s refining activities, about 400,000 barrels a day, takes place there.
A statement by the Ministry of Oil on Saturday said the pipeline transporting refined products between Baiji and the northern Province of Nineveh, of which the city of Mosul is the capital, was blown up.
“It is the third such attack in four weeks,” the statement said.
“The pipeline has been the target of a terrorist act. Our technical teams have rushed to the scene in order to repair the pipeline as quickly as possible,” added the statement.
It said the pipeline was crucial for several major towns in the province of Nineveh, including Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city.
The statement said the ministry, in cases like these, adopts various measures to make up for fuel shortages.
It said the ministry was currently ferrying fuel to the affected areas via its fleet of tanker trucks.
The statement did not say when the pipeline will be operational again.