View Full Version : 23 Iraqi entities form “Al Mouwatin” coalition

03-02-2013, 04:02 PM
Head of Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Amar Hakim announced on Saturday March 2, that he formed alongside 22 other political entities, including “Bada’na” movement (We have started movement) and Iraqi National Congress, “Al Mouwatin” coalition (the citizen’s coalition) to participate in the upcoming elections, revealing that their slogan will be “Our city comes first”.

“Al Mouwatin coalition is a political and electoral bloc that aims to run for the provincial council elections”, said Al Hakim during a press conference held in the Supreme Council’s headquarters and attended by Alsumaria on the margin of forming the coalition.

“The coalition gathers an elite of educated people as well as tribal and social dignitaries with neutral affiliation” added Al Hakim, mentioning that “this elite is quite popular in Baghdad the capital and other provinces”.

The Independent High Electoral Commission set (on February 18, 2013) the first of March 2013 as the date of electoral campaign launching for provincial council elections that will be held in April.

Independent High Electoral Commission set (on October 30 2012) the 20th of April 2013 as the date for Provincial Council Election in Iraq except in Kurdistan region.