View Full Version : Islamic Party: Postponing election a coup against the political process

03-20-2013, 12:52 AM
19/03/2013 21:27:00

Ramadi (NINA) The Islamic Party in Anbar criticized postponing the elections in Anbar, describing the decision as a coup against the political process in Iraq.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, March 19, the Islamic Party said that the Cabinet's decision to postpone elections in Anbar is disappointing and a coup against Iraq's political process.

It went on saying that there are sides, in Anbar, having dubious relations with decision makers in Baghdad that caused the decision.

The Islamic Party said that previous elections were held in circumstances worst than the current ones; therefore, postponing elections now is a going back from the right understanding of the process peaceful rotation of power. It demanded the political entities, tribal forces and organizations of civil society to stand up against those who want to keep their posts in the province.

Earlier in the day, the Council of Ministers decided to postpone elections in Anbar and Niniveh provinces.