View Full Version : Alliance ,Mottahidoon / united / condemns the assassination of two of its candidates

03-26-2013, 04:06 PM

26/03/2013 14:21:00

Baghdad/ NINA /-- Alliance ,Mottahidoon / united / strongly condemned the assassination of two of its candidates in Salahuddin province earlier today.

The added in a statement that " Mottahidoon alliance deplores and condemns these acts criminal acts that aim to destroy the real national march by trying to offload the street of the vital national symbols in order to disrupt the security situation before provincial elections.

Two of Mottahidoon candidates for the upcoming provincial elections are the head of the local council of Tuz Khurmatu district Qadir Ali al-Naimi and a member of the provincial council of Salahuddin Rashid Khurshid assassinated by a car bomb explosion this morning in central Tuz Khormatu district