View Full Version : Iraq to hit “final nail in coffin of darkness” in October

04-09-2013, 01:49 AM
Azzaman, April 8, 2013
Iraq says October this year will see an end to power shortages in the country and advises owners of private generators to start selling their machines to junk traders.
“The Ministry (of Electricity) has the ability to solve the crisis of power in the country by the end of October in all provinces.
“I call on (private) owners of generators to sell them to scrap yards as there will be no need for them anymore,” said electricity minister Abdulkarim Aftan.
Aftan promised Iraqis, who have been suffering power shortages of up to 20 hours per day since the 2003-U.S. invasion, uninterrupted supplies of electricity round the clock in October.
“The coming few months will see the addition of 3500 megawatts of electricity to the national grid as more new power stations come on stream,” he said.

Despite the minister’s promises, there are few in Iraq who believe that the crisis of power supplies will be something of the past soon.
Electricity supplies are still erratic and many Iraqis rely on private generators which are not powerful enough to operate cooling systems and gadgets.
Cooling is vital for Iraq, a country where temperatures may go beyond 50 degrees centigrade in some areas.
Such promises were repeatedly made in the past but never materialized.
However the minister said: “Iraq will hit the final nail in the coffin of darkness which has descended on the country for so many years. The issue of electricity will be solved and once for all by the end of October.”