View Full Version : Appearance of Mohammed Saleh: No one knows what happens inside the Central Bank

04-13-2013, 03:21 PM
Appearance of Mohammed Saleh: No one knows what happens inside the Central Bank
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BAGHDAD / Walid Mehdi

At a time when revealed to the Parliamentary Integrity Committee for the theft of 10 tons of central bank gold under the new administration, sources familiar with the work of the Central Bank and a defect Iraqi gold Bahtiat and not theft.

Conversely called the former deputy governor of the Bank the appearance of Mohammed Saleh bank's management to clarify how the disappearance of 10 tons of gold or deny the matter originally. Saleh said that the rumors about stealing Iraq's gold reserves of the central bank is mysterious, and demanded the current bank management to clarify the circumstances of the disappearance of 10 tons of gold, noting that no one knows what is going on inside the central bank.

For his part, said economic expert who is familiar with details of the work of the Central Bank Majid picture that in the event of a so ordered, the International Monetary Fund Sekshvh. He added that the picture of a hard steal the size of 10 tons of gold reserves of the Bank because gold already exists outside of Iraq and the International Monetary Fund can detect any defect in it.

Referred to the member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee MP Jawad Alshahyla revealed Tuesday that "ten tons of gold stolen from the Central Bank" of Iraq during the end of last year, and said that the current presidency of the bank "involved" in that theft, accusing Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to "remove" former governor of the Bank Shabibi "because of the government's refusal to lend" money "outside the framework of the law."

Said Alshahyla "The coming days will witness disclosure Melvin dangerous work the central bank first on financing mobile phone companies, and other theft of ten tons of gold reserves of the central bank in 15 of November 2012 did not recognize the bank so far," asserting that "the current presidency of the bank Central involved in that theft. " And added Alshahyla "we will reveal in a few days for the biggest heist in the central bank has the current conservative era Abdul Basit Turki," adding "there are many systematic theft of funds in the central bank have not been disclosed so far."

And between Alshahyla "Financial Control Act stipulates that the BSA is a general inspector for each district is not the inspector general for that is Abdul Basit Turki central bank governor and his inspector general, which allows him to move freely and without censorship." The Alshahyla confirmed that "the central bank governor Abdul Basit Turki did not sign the administrative investigation conducted by a special committee of the central bank on to talk about the existence of corruption in the era of the former governor Sinan Shabibi being exonerated Shabibi of all the charges against him."

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