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Hue Mi
05-05-2013, 08:36 PM
Iraq participates in Washington's training program of the 23 (http://www.alsabaah.iq/ArticleShow.aspx?ID=45908)

05/05/2013 12:00 AM

Along with 72 global stock exchange

Baghdad morning

In an effort to activate the performance of the Iraqi Stock Exchange to keep up with global progress through the training and development of its employees participated delegation included a number of workers in the Securities Commission and the Iraqi market for securities in the training program XXIII, which was held in Washington last week.

This was announced by »Sabah» head of the delegation and the Executive Director of the Iraqi market for securities, Taha Ahmed al-Rubaie, said that Iraq had participated along with 72 countries represented bodies and financial markets of the various countries of the world.

He added guarantee program, which was sponsored by the Securities Commission the U.S. SEC exchange of experiences among countries and the establishment of workshops on topics trading insiders and control procedures mediator and instructions governing the work of the financial markets and stock investors and settlement procedures, clearing and financial impact of disclosure and information in the media to attract investment and encourage the building of capital in Economy and monitor the performance of investment funds.

on the other hand, al-Rubaie said that the Board of Governors has ratified the Convention received from Bloom Agency Berg on 10/04/2013, after their commitment to the amendments requested by the Council and the authorization of the market's administration follow up and sign a contract with the agency.

The most important amendments requested by the Council that the agreement is for a period of one year and is committed to the agency to implement all commitments art is that entail any cost on the market.

Noted in Haditha also to what was done by the Technical Committee at the Board of Governors of the follow-up to several topics, mainly conducting studies to develop a network Contact with brokerage firms in the province of Baghdad and the final evaluation of subjects X-Stream agreement with NASDAQ OMX company after contact with Erbil market for securities to ensure Tnfvea of ​​2013 in the light of the recent use of a foreign firm to provide technical and administrative consulting her.

Rubaie pointed out that the Board of Governors of the Iraqi market for securities has decided to suspend trading of shares of Kirkuk to produce construction materials as of 23/04/2013 meeting for ten days, according to the financial markets Law No. (74) for the year 2004.

Based on what is stated in the book BSA No. 7/29/6743 on 3/26/2013 because of the company's failure to exercise its productivity, administrative and financial.