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05-05-2013, 11:23 PM
Experts claim to speed up Iraq's accession to the World Trade Organization
May 5, 2013

The whole number of economists on the importance of expediting Iraq's accession to the World Trade Organization to their importance in the acquisition of the benefits of joining and included achieving the freedom of international trade and raise the standard of living of the citizens. They warned in their studies, which applied them to the Economic Forum tagged (delayed Iraq's accession to the World Trade Organization .. liability?) And organized by the Iraqi Institute for Economic Reform of the continued delay in Iraq to join will carry the burdens and obligations of large because of the restrictions that will take it as a location on the document Testament international.


And discussed the seminar, which was attended by a number of specialists, researchers, economists, academics and local organizations as well as experts of the Iraqi economy seven studies made by a number of researchers addressed the reasons for the delay Iraq's accession to wto.
He reviewed the academic and economic researcher flames Thomas, who chaired the seminar which was attended by the (morning) yesterday, which highlighted in his study on the strategic options and what are the benefits and losses that result from Iraq's entry into the World Trade Organization.

Free trade

The Toma said the main objective in the creation of the WTO is to achieve freedom of international trade for the purpose of raising standards of living, full employment and the continuation of significant growth of real income and effective demand and increasing production and continuous trade in goods and الخدما T. According to the goal of development and environmental protection and preservation.
He pointed out that the organization aims to achieve freedom of international trade, the elimination of discriminatory treatment image with respect to the flow of international trade, and to remove all restrictions and obstacles and barriers that would prevent the flow of trade across countries.

Raise the standard of living

He pointed out that the other goals is to raise the standard of living of the Member States. And to seek to achieve higher levels of employment (operating full) member states. And stimulate effective demand., And raise the level of real national income. Optimization of the resources of the global economic and encouraging the movement of production, capital and investments. , Easy access to markets and sources of primary resources., Reduce barriers and quantitative Customs to increase the volume of international trade, and the adoption of the negotiations. His part, said economic researcher Ahmed al-Husseini that the issue of Iraq's accession to the World Trade Organization holds a great deal of attention of researchers and specialists as well as decision-makers and politicians, what This topic of importance to the economic level, and because of its significant impact in determining Iraq's competitive capabilities in the future, as well as the volume of trade relations with its international partners.

Benefits of Joining

Husseini said: We have committed to Iraq in advance, indirectly, to join the World Trade Organization by signing a document Testament International Therefore it is likely that he will bear the burdens and obligations of more than for any delay in joining the organization of international trade because there are restrictions that may be imposed on the entry in the membership this organization in the future, due to the fact that members of this organization (153 countries) control nearly 95 percent of the total international trade. said of equitable importance that FAO is preparing a forum economically and politically indispensable for any country and especially for a country like Iraq, which could increase of the gains realized from joining the organization as well as benefit from the support of countries that may offer some of the major industrialized countries.

Notes on accession

He continued Researcher: Some believe that Iraq is not formatted economically to join the World Trade Organization because of the current economic situation, and the adoption of the Iraqi economy to repel seen crude oil as a source basis of wealth and income, as well as the absence of the role of the private sector, and lower contribution other economic sectors such as the sectors of industrial, agricultural and service in the composition of GDP, and damage to the infrastructure of the economy is clearly due to wars, exposing Iraq to a potential risk by devoting the WTO system for international division of labor based on specialization and comparative advantage, as it specializes industrialized countries in the production and export of industrial goods and technical high prices, while developing countries specialize in the export of raw materials and its dependence on imported goods and the export of raw materials only.
In the view of the survival of Iraq as (observer member) at the present time in order to get progress in economic sectors leaders such as the industrial sector and the agricultural sector, giving a competitive advantage for the Iraqi economy among its partners in the international trade, which is achieved through the concerted government efforts to empower the local private sector in access to a leading position in the different economic sectors as well as improving the investment climate in Iraq in order to attract more investment and associated technology for the development of various economic sectors. "

Cuff probably

The participants in the symposium was divided between supporters and opponents of but probably the cuff was for supporters to join the country are not subjected to further burden due to its international obligations.
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07-27-2013, 10:11 PM
It has been predicted by International Monetary Fund that Iraq will achieve a steep 9 percent growth in this current economic year. A report has been issued from IMF on this regarded, illustrating Iraq’s rise in oil export will contribute heavily in the growth of the country. http://www.iraqdirectory.com/en/2013/07/27/24640/imf-predicts-9-growth-rate-in-iraq-in-2013-cbi-indecency-is-also-suggested.aspx (http://www.iraqdirectory.com/en/2013/07/27/24640/imf-predicts-9-growth-rate-in-iraq-in-2013-cbi-indecency-is-also-suggested.aspx)