View Full Version : Agriculture develops a plan to export wheat in 2018

05-08-2013, 08:53 PM
Agriculture develops a plan to export wheat in 2018

08-05-2013 - 14:22

Alsumaria News / Baghdad

The Ministry of Agriculture announced on Wednesday that they developed a plan to export Iraqi wheat out of the country during the year 2018, noting that it devised kinds of good wheat, salt-tolerant and lack of water. said administrative agent and financial ministry Ghazi Aboudi in an interview for "Alsumaria News, "" The ministry has developed a plan to increase the acreage of wheat through the production of three million tons of wheat through modern irrigation techniques, and an area of more than three million acres in all regions of the country, "noting that" Iraq's production of wheat annually will reach six million tons, after the addition of the quantities cultivated by farmers."

Aboudi added that "Iraq's need of wheat annually amounting to four million and 500 thousand tons, and therefore there will be surplus by one million and 500 thousand tons to be exported out of the country," pointing out that "the project which began to be implemented ministry two years ago, will be completed within a period of seven years after the provision of all related items essential for Iraq to be a source of wheat in 2018. " .

Aboudi that "the ministry has been able through its expert specialists from the development of improved seeds of wheat and that do not require large amounts of water, Add to endure great grades of salinity and high yield and productivity of large contribute to the increase of production. " launched by the Iraqi government, in August of 2008, a comprehensive initiative to promote the agricultural reality in the country, and set a time limit duration of ten years to reach Iraq stage of self-sufficiency in strategic crops. The initiative includes support farmers with seeds, fertilizers and pesticides, land reclamation and ensure the purchase of production of strategic crops at market prices, in addition to the allocation of loan funds a variety of Development Fund palm of existing ones and the new Fund, modern irrigation techniques, the Fund for livestock, and a fund to support strategic projects, as well as Fund lending to small farmers.