View Full Version : Iraq’s Troubled Agricultural Sector

05-16-2013, 02:22 PM
In May 2013 Deputy Agricultural Minister Ghazi Obeidi told the press that Iraq’s farm sector was booming (http://www.azzaman.com/english/?p=755). He claimed that the country would soon be meeting domestic demand for fruits, vegetables, and wheat. Obeidi went on to state that was due to the Agricultural Ministry’s policies, which include the banning of certain imports, and providing new crops to help Iraqi farmers. Agriculture is one of the most important industries after oil and gas. It is the second largest employer, and one-third of the population lives in rural areas. Currently the countryside is suffering from high rates of poverty and food insecurity, which has led to a mass migration to Iraq’s cities. After decades of neglect due to sanctions and wars, agriculture could be one field that with proper development could provide much needed jobs to Iraqis, and stabilize farming regions. Unfortunately, there are major structural barriers to achieving these goals, despite the deputy minister’s pronouncement.

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