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Hue Mi
05-22-2013, 11:03 PM
Advantages of stock exchange (http://alsabaah.iq/ArticleShow.aspx?ID=46972)

21/5/13, 12: 00 am
Yasser Metwally

The stock exchange is the primary indicator of movement and activity sectors of the economy and the job in the country and in various aspects of productivity or service these are effective means to study the labour market and production and the search for profits and the safest ways to invest and investment on the one hand and, on the other hand, are the most important economic base upon which economic plan with priority selection to the required economic development as economic decision maker makes it easy to make the right decisions and the task.

In Iraq we need such a culture and approach followed to avoid errors in the selection of projects according to their economic significance and reflected the overall benefit to the economy and the citizens, I feel sorry for the loss of such trends as the Iraq market archive securities full of useful information in this regard but the relevant authorities we don't in disregard of the real indicators of the national economy.

Many examples could be offered here to indicate the movement of economic activities and job, you find in the Iraqi stock exchange banking sector acquires most of the trades and the reason that this sector profits and risks are minimal so find most traders in a market prone to buying shares in banks this important indicator for the need of a database is not available for economic activities nowadays, these indicators may compensate for the data in the result it while looking for a mechanism to activate the industrial sector it finds good stock indices Guide to convey to his goal to create the economic decision that you specify to choose which sectors need to activate, support and so many examples.

Scenes from the narrative and analysis to illustrate the importance of using indicators as stock market stocks strategy the bank information daily and quick help in overcoming the economic imbalances affecting the country.

Most recently caught my attention call head of securities that the upgrading of family business performance requires converted to stock companies, this invitation has important economic implications that there is something wrong in the performance of those companies whose owners are required to override only these economic wizards is that we need to build solid institutions adopt governance weadnd that will highlight new company activity after the conditions listed on the stock exchange here will effect proper planning through its activity on the stock exchange.

We see that there is a weakness in the culture, we need to broaden the interest in this vital aspect is important, which tracks trends in mobile phone companies and their insertion in the Iraq market for securities, which saw the entry of Asia torrent mo'khraigd that this vital sector started groping the importance of including its shares in this market despite the complexities and challenges faced by the sterile procedures to relevant departments for I understand the economic importance of this event would be important to include mobile phone companies in the stock market and will contribute to the Create competition task given the importance of the telecommunications sector in the national economy.