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Hue Mi
06-01-2013, 10:41 PM
Assurances of the importance of the telecommunications sector in the economic development (http://alsabaah.iq/ArticleShow.aspx?ID=47657)

01/6/13 12: 00 am

Activating investment in the telecommunications sector is carrying large economic feasibility for the country by employing the services of contact in purely economic tasks accelerate implementation of actions and projects.

President of the international economic development John said in an interview for (morning): the need to improve communications and to create an environment conducive to investment in this sector would double economic feasibility, the financial benefits the local economy benefits from the telecommunications sector after the world technological revolution in this sector, the world has become a small village.

Another important detail is either the importance in economic work, with communications falling in advanced business systems, and investment company cannot work away from modern communications services.

The field of communications is constantly evolving, and this leads to continuous work and effective investment to keep pace with the rapid development of companies raced in this sector, especially we in the country still use second generation in communication, there is way ahead of the generations more advanced, which needs to work to create an atmosphere conducive to global companies to invest and bring significant development in this joint is important.

John pointed out that the events in the region and accelerated economic development to promote products that must be offered by investment companies, this requires hard to know the parameters of the advancement of telecommunications and global reach.

The Economist Abdul Sattar Al-Hashemi stressed the need to encourage investment in the telecom sector for competition among international companies to provide better services, as well as to enhance State revenue.

in a press statement, he said: that the telecoms sector is an important economic sector in most countries, that achieves significant financial revenues to the State, and this leads to an interest in Iraqi telecom sector and promotion of investment.

the investment in the telecommunications sector will create a competitive atmosphere among international companies to invest in the provision of communication services to the citizen, both over the phone Or the Internet, this will become an important sector, annual income equivalent to oil revenue for Iraq.