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Hue Mi
06-06-2013, 06:09 PM
Reconstruction proceed with the rehabilitation of a building Securities Commission and the recent stresses use of technology to monitor the market "in the future" (http://www.almadapress.com/ar/news/13134/الاعمار-تباشر-بتأهيل-بناية-هيئة-الا)


Editor: OK, RS
06/06/2013 14:41
Range Press / Baghdad

The Ministry of Construction and Housing, on Thursday, the direct project rehabilitate the building of the Securities Commission after the completion of completion own designs, noting that the cost of the project is about six billion dinars, while the Commission emphasized that it would enter the latest communication technologies to monitor the movement of the stock market, "a central."

The ministry said in a statement received, (range Press), a copy of which, "The Department of Construction Engineering of the Ministry completed designs project to prepare the building department of the Securities Commission and which has a total area 1815 2, noting that" the cost of the project amounted to about six billion dinars".

It said the Ministry of Construction and Housing, that "the process of re-designs of the building is required in the first stage to do a comprehensive survey of the reality of the event of the building and the site and prepare the necessary plans for all floors of the building and approaches and reporting on the status of the building and to study the structural depth of the way rehabilitation as well as services attached to the use of new to them."

The ministry said that "the second phase included work to do numbers detailed plans architectural and construction services in accordance with requirements that fit the new functionality of the building," indicating that he "has been re-cut spaces Interior and trims and add ladders and groups of public health in addition to design systems, new service and integrated in terms of health workers, air conditioning and electricity."

The ministry pointed out that "the designs prepared for this building, which has developed an architectural alternatives commensurate with the functional requirements and the construction such as gypsum cutouts for rooms and ending materials with light weights to avoid weight gain due to the condition of the building from the construction."

For his part, Prime Securities Commission Abdul Razzaq al-Saadi, after put the foundation stone for the new building within the ministry's statement, that "the body would enter the latest fields of communication and network technology is a sophisticated way in which we can monitor the movement of a central securities market."

And supervised by the Securities Commission on the Iraqi market for securities, which was founded in Baghdad in June 2004, an independent body set up along the lines of the American Securities and Exchange Commission.

As of 2005, the market has become Iraq Stock Exchange is the only stock exchange in Iraq, and while she to اتحوي more than 15 companies when it opened in 2004, became contains more than 100 companies currently.