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06-16-2013, 12:41 PM
Microsoft willing to improve banking transactions in Iraq

Microsoft announces its willingness to develop the banking sector in Iraq by using high-end technology in financial transactions.

The size of financial transactions performed in private and public banks were the center of attention of relevant governmental entities. This led the latter to advise banks on the necessity of taking their electronic transactions to a new level with the help of the internationally-known Microsoft who recently expressed its readiness to help improve the banking sector in Iraq.

“We want these institutions to make use of Microsoft’s expertise used in most of the international banks; in the aim of taking the banking sector to a new level. Today we also want to reiterate our wish to use legal licenses from Microsoft”, said Amin Al Sabbagh, Microsoft’s representative, in a statement to Alsumaria.

As for the banks, they considered that this step will help improve the banking system due to the huge amount of monetary transactions that go beyond traditional methods.

“The services provided by banks require safety which is provided by accurate systems. Every banking institution needs such systems including financial establishments since they deal with money transferring and require technical monitoring”, added Manaf Al Badry, head of Private Banks’ Union.

Central Bank of Iraq and Ministry of Finance work alongside banks in Iraq to train engineers on operating and maintaining financial transaction applications especially the ones related to security.

06-16-2013, 01:32 PM
maybe warka is using microsoft to upgrade its systems ???????