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Iraq qualify for the lead in the economies of developing countries

Freedom from the provisions of Chapter VII of the balance of experts

BAGHDAD - Hussein Tamimi - Mostafa Hashemi

Moving the eyes of Iraqis eagerly to the round table to the UN Security Council in order to spend the exit of Iraq permanently from the provisions of Chapter VII of the long Iraq and destroyed its infrastructure as a result of policies mindless of the former regime, which carry patient people who will receive thanks to the wisdom of government policy negotiators full entitlements sovereign to rebuild itself.

Has accounted near the time of the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII of the UN Charter interest economists and specialists who have called to go to the reconstruction of infrastructure and the exploitation of economic resources of the country optimize, stressing the importance of paying attention to address many of the imbalances plaguing the national economy, the fact that Iraq had ended its obligations International will lead therefore to develop the economy after the weary policy adopted by the former regime. raise the guardianship of her part, economic Dr peace Sumaisem that Iraq would emerge from Chapter VII gives the message to the world that the guardianship lifted him and thus it became possible for him to assume the standings economic higher than it is it now.

added Sumaisem told (morning): It will be government could conclude a lot of agreements and contracts with large global companies large and engage in history to invest in international markets and global stock markets, after the existence of Iraq under Chapter VII represents an obstacle in its path.

Editing money She Sumaisem that public funds Iraqi also from this restriction after it was subject to the mediator managed on behalf of Iraq because it takes a percentage of all he intercede for the supply of or implementation of decades of great economic, Iraq was a shrug signed because of that chapter of the UN Charter, pointing out that now would be possible abbreviation these episodes directly what is considered a great asset. , and called for the need to preserve Iraqi funds from the hash and waste because the country needs them to carry out the development to make up for his death since the imposition of this restriction, and so far, and to serve the interests of the people so that they can achieve economic benefit high-achieving a higher proportion to the level of per capita income. bourse will pick up

and pointed out that stock will enter the preparation of non-Iraqi investors because of the liberation of Iraqi funds and in support of the private sector and joint stock companies because the country would be an excellent environment to attract investments diversified giant companies and a huge rise by infrastructure, asserting that the dinar will rise also to the presence of a large number of foreigners investing in the currency Force Reserve who covered and who will be 80 billion dollars in next July, also said the central bank governor Agency Abdul Basit Turki said in press statements.

demise of the obstacles companies said the financial expert sword Hilfi (morning) that the decision opens up wider to work in all economic sectors, especially in front of specialized international companies, which is Chapter VII a significant impediment to its presence in the workplace Iraqi and work in the field of implementation of the projects, as companies have major international will have a smooth high to freedom of presence in the yard of the local economy at a time find that most of the those companies awaiting provided opportunities to develop into one of the largest squares in the world, indicating that this matter helps the local private sector in building strong relationships with international economic blocs.

Where the need to rehabilitate all economic sectors Bmphasalha production and service and this is something that needs the efforts of specialized international companies. freedom of the opening credits and said the thrust out of Chapter VII, based in the financial sector who handcuffed closed for a long period of time and cut off from world events and developments and modernity witnessed by sector banks and the International Monetary, and liberation from the constraints of Chapter VII gives greater freedom in the process of opening credits documents that help in activating the smooth movement of money. restore confidence and pointed out that the relations of the financial sector of Iraq with the world will take a turn different from what it was and there will be interaction with Iraq, which has economical and promising aware Tigers global economy seven, and that in all cases, change the map handle our banks public and private with the outside world and will be an important element in the yard of trading the global monetary after he was handcuffed international resolutions and that states will consider to Iraq that it fulfilled its international obligations in full thereby increasing confidence in the Iraqi economy and the expansion of trade with Iraq and will get an improvement in the economic development and the economic situation in general.