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06-27-2013, 12:17 AM
5 Things You Should Master To Be Successful Trader

You're Probably saying this is just another scam or spam thread
but let's cut it and make it fast

most of the traders lose money in the market because they don't actually have these 5 things

Before We Start The Whole Thing You Need To Have A Solid Strategy That Works With The Changing Markets As You See What's Happening These Days, I Would Suggest Price Action.

So Here What You Need To Master If You Wanna Be Successful Trader !

Ability :
To Take A Loss Without Becoming Emotional Or To Even Blow Your Account That Includes Money Management.


Discipline ,Discipline,Discipline and Discipline again!!!


Patience :
To Wait For Your Setup To Appear And Not Overtrade!!

To Not Think You Are Going To Get Rich Over Night And Understand The Reality Of The Market And Trading.

Greed : Which Is The Most Important Thing
If You Wanna Be Successful And You Already Achieved The 4 Previous Things That I Mentioned Than You Are Good To Go To This Part ...
You Need To Use Take Profit Based On How Much Money You Wanna Make Each Day And Divide It By 2
F,ex: You Wanna Make 200$ Each Day Divide It By 2 Will Get 100$ So That's Your Take Profit For Each Trade You Make ... 2-3 Trades Ends In Profit And You Are Done For The Day ... You Just Need To Make 2 Profitable Trades Each Day

Cause If You Don't Than Greed Will Take Over And You'll Be Saying : Ouh I Can Make Much More Money ... I'll just leave it open for some time and bingo you never know what's going to happen in the market ... it did go against you so you did end up with lossing trade instead of profitable trade .

Here's how you should say after closing a profitable trade :
ouh it's enough it was a good trade ... i'll wait for another good one

I Promise You If You Master These 5 Things Including A Solid Strategy You'll Be A Successful Trader In No Time ! I Promise You This !
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That's Pretty Much It

Hope It Helps