View Full Version : Why Forex Robots Don't Work and Can't Make You Rich

06-27-2013, 12:31 AM
Are you running after forex robots? Many people try one forex robot after another finding all of them to useless. OR are they? Now, if you think that by buying a $149 forex robot, you will become rich. You are sadly mistaken. It if was so many would have become rich. But none has!

The problem with most of these forex robots is that they are programmed to follow certain market conditions. Markets keep on changing. There is another problem, most of the technical indicators that we use lose their effectiveness after a certain period of time.

Why it is so? The more traders use the same technical indicator, the more the markets become immune to them. Markets are just people buying and selling. So when a lot of traders are using the same technical indicators, they are all trying to buy and sell in almost a similar fashion. This makes them useless.

The same goes with these forex robots. The more a robot is sold and the more people start trading with it, the more it becomes a piece of junk. Whatever, there is no escaping the fact that you need to learn how to trade currencies.

No robot can predict the future markets. It is only programmed to trade a certain market. Most of these robots are just a few indicators that have been programmed together. There is no holy grail in trading. Indicators have also their limitations. So what to do?

By learning to trade manually, you can learn how the markets behave. This experience will give you the predictive power of how the market can behave under certain conditions. If you want to learn forex trading than you should take a look at Forex Joe and his Forex Mastery 2.0 Program.

Forex Joe is a legendary person among forex traders. He started as a sports bettor. For 30 years, he was a sports bettor. He was always fascinated by mathematical formulas since his childhood. So, he applied that same fascination to sports betting and developed an automated sports betting system using certain proprietary mathematical formulas. That sports betting system made him a fortune.

Some ten years back when he discovered forex trading, he was amazed to find many similarities between sports betting and forex trading. He applied those very same proprietary mathematical formulas to the forex market and you will be amazed to know made a fortune. He is the best person who can teach forex trading. Forget about forex robots, learn forex trading from a pro. You can do it in just 2 months!

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