View Full Version : Domain names anyone ?

07-02-2013, 09:14 PM
Yes, Domain Names - registration of, parking, buying and selling.

This is something I've heard about for a few years, and just recently gotten into. There must be one or two members then, who know far more about this than I do. If so, would love to hear your thoughts and experiences on the subject.

What I do know so far - I've registered 6 names (cost $9.90 each plus tax, which is about 7.50 GBP) each.

Parked them at SEDO (one of the biggest auction sites)

2 of these domains have been chosen for the "Great Auction" with reserve prices at 425 (approx $640) each.

Too good to be true ? I will certainly let you know after the auction ends (July 25th).

Whatever happens, for what I paid I spend more than this on a night out (don't we all), so looking forward to learning a few lessons , and maybe even making a few grand for just 45 ($68).

What I do know is, my IQD cash holdings cost me a bomb in 2007/8, and no returns yet, apart from bits and bobs, selling a few back here and there !