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07-06-2013, 04:47 AM
Financial: improved after Iraq Dinar from Chapter 7


International banks began trading at the first signs of Iraqi currency to exit Iraq from Chapter VII, in conjunction with the Declaration of the Iraqi Central Bank, the high volume of foreign exchange reserves in Iraq to 76 billion dollars in addition to 30 tons of gold bullion.

And says Treasury Adviser Helal altaian "this reserve will help raise the value of the Iraqi currency, compared with foreign exchange and thus contribute to the reduction of prices of goods and commodities."

And supports the Central Bank's currency reserves, the Iraqi currency into and out of Iraq, and increased oil imports might contribute directly to increasing the reserve and give more support to the Iraqi currency.

Economist Mohammed Souri "the investment of surplus reserve if found to be used as a deliberate economic policy", calling on the House to enact economic and development that will provide greater support to the Iraqi currency.

He criticized the parliamentary Financial Committee member Ahmed tracks laws and banking regulations followed in Iraq, confirmed that the House was determined to enact laws regulating banking in the future.

The Central Bank said earlier that Iraq controlling its money and gold in the Bank also drew global banks to exit Iraq from Chapter VII would allow him greater freedom to act and attract foreign investment.

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It just makes you smile;)


07-23-2013, 05:00 PM
Are there any current Texas Banking institutions that buy or sell dinars? If you know of one please submit name and location and phone number.