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Hue Mi
07-08-2013, 06:02 AM
Increase the capital of Assyria International Bank to 210 billion dinars (http://www.aladalanews.net/index.php?show=news&action=article&id=111614)

Justice / Salah Al Hassani - 07.07.2013 - 1:05 p | Hits: 133


Ashur International Bank decided to increase its capital to 210 billion dinars came during the meeting of the General Authority for Bank

On Saturday and was attended by (Justice) and Mr. Wadih Handal, chairman of the bank, in a speech to the Bank of the UNESCO contributed with a bank Baghdad and guidance to reduce the value of the dollar after a surge in recent by selling the dollar at a discount to citizens across the branches of private banks,

stressing that Ashur International Bank saw further growth during the year 2012 where the rate of return on capital shareholders 10% and attributed this achievement to success in achieving inclusive growth in all the main business of the bank and said we were able to in the past year to increase the bank's capital to become a 150 billion dinars according to the instructions Central Bank

explaining that he would be on the scale of priorities of the bank to strengthen its branches and renew its vitality and completion of the projects and work to diversify the sources of revenue from banking fees different has strengthened its activities in the field of issuing cards MasterCard also issued Service Mobile Bankink

He said that investment banking has seen increasing demand from by dealers, and enjoyed a high level of appreciation as a distinct investment considered a substitute for traditional commercial banking services, which attract more foreign customers, motivates them to characterize the investment banking system committed to transparency and high credibility.

And investment banking services are currently the fastest growing economic sectors in the world, with some 200 financial institution with assets worth about $200 billion.

The Ashur International Bank for Investment pioneer in this sector, which is always adheres to the authentic roots as an institution focused on dealers, where personal services are excellent and accurate understanding of customer needs and requirements, the foundations on which the bank builds upon the whole relations.

And blends heritage and history with a commitment to flexibility and innovation and modernity, the bank where he works to provide comprehensive solutions to all financial requirements for dealers of any kind.

And can traders, including neo-who are looking for Bank leading in all respects, to take advantage of our online banking "investment Online" to meet all the requirements of Finance, and they can save a lot of time and money through the web site and complete their banking quickly and highly effective and they will discover the cause of Excellence Ashur International Bank for Investment.

The Commission discussed the report of the Board of Directors for the financial year ended and look at the report of the Audit Committee for the year 2012 and the auditor's report and discuss the final accounts was elected as members of the new Board of Directors of the Bank It is worth mentioning that Ashur International Bank was founded in April 2005 as the first investment bank's full-service In the field of services and investment banking products, which establishes standards in this area with the increase in demand for products and investment banking services in the region and the world.