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07-22-2013, 07:54 PM
Economists: budget next year would not differ much from its predecessor despite higher financial income (http://www.ikhnews.com/index.php?page=article&id=93279)

21-07-2013 10:44 AM

Baghdad (News)/report/ Bushra Khalil. After half the fiscal year 2013, the Ministry of Finance began preparing for the 2014 budget, which is expected to reach 130 billion dollars.


The number of representatives and economic experts, to balance the next year don't differ much from its predecessors in terms of investment projects and customizations that contain them, while acknowledging the financial volume increases, calling on during their talk (News Agency) the need to expedite the preparation and delivery to the Parliament early in order to discuss and vote on it before the end of this year.

Member of the Finance Committee MP/Kurdish Alliance/najeeba Najib, said: the Committee did not receive until now federal budget bill in 2014 and not see the numbers and the final one.

She (News Agency): the alstratigiat affirms that budget would be the size (157) trillion Iraqi and enlightened nearly 60 trillion dinars for investment and rate customizations oil production (3) million and 500 thousand barrels, however these figures are inaccurate, it will be subject to contexts and several studies.

Said: that the strategic plans developed by International Convention to further reality, provincial budget, noting that the question of appointments are more jobs are not enough to eliminate unemployment and large numbers of graduates.

And demanded: to send the budget to the lower house in September to enable the legislature to examine and approve as soon as possible.

Confirmed: that the Government demanded termination problems between the Governments of the Centre and the region and not postponed until the next parliamentary session, which takes to approve the budget as in past years, the host must approve cut pushed through before next year's parliamentary elections will see what makes the matter more complicated.

The Economist, for his part, ruled out mock, cut pushed through approval of Majid in September of this year, adding that it was possible to approve the Cabinet only and will be subject to political manoeuvres and allocating the House suffers from the same problems that have afflicted the advance.

The shadow (News Agency): the investment budget will remain unchanged even if the POPs rose because of mismanagement of funds and directed towards economic development.

He added that the budget will reach 130 million dollars has been spent in Iraq budgets more than 600 billion dollars on weak curriculum, indicating if the budget without good governance it cannot guarantee any result in the economic development in the next budget and not after.

And: the results confirm that in 2014 rising oil imports to more than 100 billion dollars as a result of higher production, but that so far the numbers are inaccurate and unsubstantiated and cannot ensure that only final accounts and cash flow statement.

Member of the Economic Committee, MP for the Iraqi coalition/Nora/albegari, noted: the 2013 delayed the House adoption of the general budget to the fourth month and now started the ministries receive funds to complete projects.

She said albegari (News Agency): three years ago the budget was not approved on time wettakhr several months long, indicating that so far did not know quantity and what plans the International Fund, the Central Bank and Government policy, the Ministry of planning for the new budget.

The budget outlined in previous years did not change in quantity only very slight increase in the investment budget for 2013 but not the required level.

Albegari: the customizations described the investment of previous budgets as mere numbers and more provinces did not take real maturity, she wondered whether the Federal Government or dysfunction of local governments.

She said that because of poor balance of funds due to poor management by the State and how to disburse, indicating that Iraq needs huge investment and budget projects a huge giant strategy into the General State budget.

Excluded: any change in 2014 to the level that we want because of the political situation and the Government and the political consensus that the majority budgets subject to consensus between the blocks during the vote. /finished/5. h. p/

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They must be going to Drop 3'O's from the EXCHANGE RATE.

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So many questions, so few answers .... :rolleyes: