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07-31-2013, 10:57 PM
Thoughtful planning and benefit from the experiences of the States play in the economy of Iraq (http://www.alsabaah.iq/ArticleShow.aspx?ID=51217)


01/8/13, 12: 00 am
Baghdad-Mostafa Hashemi

Iraq faces economic challenges were not offspring, has led previous accumulations of wars and disasters, as a result of the irresponsible policies and undisciplined to the former regime, and the economic embargo against Iraq since 1990, these policies have left poor conditions of cultural, social, economic and environmental as reflected in one form or another on the general situation in Iraq and led to the creation of absence of defects of development plans and the paralysis of the private sector and its role in the development process in addition to production and dependence on imported What born economic chaos in the country.

The Chancellor believes the Iraqi Institute for economic reform by Dr. Ahmed El-Husseini that the economic landscape today refers to the limited role of the private sector and incentives for the promotion of reality are almost non-existent, and credit systems and limited access to financing, the channel added to the predecessors of pressure and distortion channels through the Iraqi economy.

He said to (morning) that the fundamental problem facing economic development process forward is the clear dichotomy between the public sector, and almost wholly based on the production and export of crude oil, and the poor and underdeveloped private sector, which is supposed to be the locomotive of economic growth did not turn in the form in which it was hoped the play indication low contribution of this sector to the GDP formation.

Development plans

Husseini said: the Iraqi economy suffers from lack of development plans by the scientific framework that ensures positive results for advancement and growth.

Demonstrating the impact of economic policies and neglect by successive wars and the ensuing destruction of violence and terrorism in the collapse of the pillars of the economy of industrial, agricultural and trade even became the country imports everything from products and industrial goods and even meat and vegetables.

Blessings of the world economy

Chancellor could put the Iraqi economy in the developing economies, it comes out of the box developed and did not slip in underdeveloped countries because in the oil States have individual privacy from the rest of the developing economies for its abundance of oil.

The Iraqi economy when compared to the global economy can say it differently because it falls within the developing and transition economies.

He said since the establishment of the modern Iraqi State has not seen the Iraqi economy approaches available to other oil economies such as the GCC economies,

and therefore we are required to move the Iraqi economy to the priorities of developed countries by employing the financial capacities of the Iraqi economy (optimum) away from corruption and waste and extravagance in the areas through which we can the development of society and the economy.


Husseini stressed that the current economic mess is not a product of the year in 2003, but is the result of wrong economic policies by, taken from previous regimes,

and noting that it sought to be marginal and non-national industry compete with the phase that followed the entry of agricultural goods from the countries neighbouring Iraq have led to the complete breakdown in the agricultural sector has led to the disruption of production in this area,

and the economy suffers with disorder too much reliance on oil Provide fiscal revenue.

Indicating that the reasons for the chaos, no successful economic policies during the former regime and afterwards, these policies were not capable of providing the requirements of society and thus resorting to internal economic source.

Causes of production

Husseini said that the wheel has stopped production due to high costs and the country became a consumer and receiving goods from East Asia at prices cheaper than the local product prices, production and resulting unemployment,

adding I sucked in large part through temporary jobs and social protection network but the problem persisted because the exploitation of human resources, efficient, and hinted that the implications wheel stops production is for inflation in the Iraqi economy and it means that there are large cash block move vs commodities Few resulting exit of hard currency out of the country to the regional economy and the rest of the money supply and moving about the scarce commodities.

the Adviser noted the high purchasing power of citizens and financial and administrative corruption in various State joints with high salary in some senior Iraqi led Chambers to be spending heavily on such goods and higher prices.

One of the reasons for the inflation of the so-called imported inflation, when the import of goods from neighbouring countries high prices we have imported with it inflation process mbasharma makes us face the problem of vehicle and is the issue of unemployment and inflation,

on the other hand, this is called (stagflation), which is the difficult and complex problems.

Noting that the monetary policy pursued by the Central Bank of Iraq towards other currencies such as the reduction of inflation, and despite its success to some extent,

but it's not all solutions, it must find drastic treatments namely rotate steering wheel controls production and quality control of all goods entering Iraq and also control food and household constructions, and to detect the tampering and fraud in these articles.

The advancement of the economy

Of strategic plans in advance of the Iraqi economy in macroeconomic variables and benefit from the experiences of other States that have passed the first political conditions and similar legal and economic circumstance, we mean that a five-year policy and an annual curriculum and plans beyond the 10 years this could be sponsored by the Ministry of planning.

The economic policies followed by sectoral economic policies as a plan for the agricultural sector and service and configuration of trade policy relations with international organizations as an important and vital.