View Full Version : Warka Equity portfolio wiped

08-14-2013, 01:22 AM
I noticed I can no longer see my iqd brokers account or can see Warka Equity information of whatever was there in the past. So pretty much I am left with nothing in Warka. I wonder why Warka is taking down there links little by little, why is it so easy for Warka to just erase what they wish, and no question asked?.

08-14-2013, 02:17 PM
Yes.. been here for some time (years) and just sat back ... but becoming concerned now ... my small IQD balance is showing but all stock info gone.. I have an ISX trading number via Warka after I had transferred from Proxy some time ago - I recently attempted to contact the actual ISX (not Warka) directly, using my ISX trading number, but I'm just being ignored ... maybe it's a false number? The Warka "tracker" had my portfolio info as correct - well.. until it recently disappeared. Chakkarchee ... what do you propose we do ?.. We have no recourse really - there were no insurance programs set up by the CBI or otherwise - collectively hiring a lawyer to sue Warka? A possibility, but "blood from a stone" at this point - apparently assets (and our deposits possibly - and now our share holdings?) have gone the way of the last sand storm. I took the advice of someone here years ago, 10% on deposit (Warka)... 30% ISX (Warka) and 60% cash in hand - I dropped about 5000 US in total - it looks like at this point I'm left with cash in hand - not sure where that leaves me ? Dump it on Ebay or sit tight another 5 years with a very good chance it just drops off the map - for those of you that laid down 10's of thousands of dollars on this seemingly dead camel - you had real guts and my heart goes out to you - just a crying shame really - hoping for the best and "all the best" to everyone here ... Peace And Cake.

08-14-2013, 03:03 PM
Funny.. well, I have to laugh or I'll cry ... A few months ago I dumped most of my cash (IQD) on deposit out of my Warka account into the ISX (via Warka) thinking I was smart and would protect my remaining cash IQD against Warka going down the toilet (my shares are/were in "my good name" and I had/have an existing ISX trading number) - well, that went well ... now I'm left with nothing (unless it's just a glitch?? remember the Debit/Master Cards - "be back soon"... Right) ..And, to open up an account with another broker (move my ISX portfolio to safety from the Warka Wrath) is min. 10K US I'm reading here ... can't see spending 10K to salvage what I had - Warka might be banking on this fact and is just laughing at me in a back office cave somewhere ... Also... I did just send Warka an email ("Fisehatak - another email to Delete" - Mr. I) with my concerns - I will let anyone know if I hear back - ZZZZZ.