View Full Version : Warka's Systematic Fade into the Sunset ?

08-16-2013, 01:24 PM
Again, my opinion only, but I'm getting the distinct feeling Warka is slowly pulling features down as it disappears over the horizon for good - the latest departure has my entire stock portfolio and ISX link pulled out - now completely unavailable, and no response from Warka as to why. It all began (I'll try to keep it in order) when the Debit /Master Cards were deemed "temporarily unavailable" - a glitch they said, then the stock stopped trading and Warka was delisted from the ISX. Mr I. (a one time contributor here) stopped responding in a timely matter (if at all), stock portfolios were missing purchases and sales - corrected only when one made a fuss. The CBI guardianship (for poor record keeping & business practices) was soon to follow and in turn the feature to wire out existing funds was pulled. So what are we left with ? Not much - I can see my inaccessible IQD balance, which at this point could just be a chimpanzee at a keyboard punching in numbers to correspond with current interest amounts and dates - and the ISX trading number I was issued from Warka - is that even real ? I'm not getting an answer from the "actual" ISX on that after several requests ... I mean really, the amount sitting in our Warka accounts has no more value than a play money account on one of those Poker/Casino sites - sure... watch it grow and grow but basically it's worthless in the real world - in "Warka World" you can buy their CD's and attempt to buy stocks, but anything else - good luck Chuck - it's just getting sillier and sillier. I did not come on to whine here - just stating facts - is there anything we can collectively do here to get some truth from Warka? Honestly, at this point, I've written Warka off entirely (a bonus only if revived - and a huge stretch) - cash IQD in hand is all that's left for me and I'm fine with that, but a straight answer from Warka would be nice - if I've been had, fine, you got me - just pull the trigger please.