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Hue Mi
09-06-2013, 12:05 AM
The civil conflict of banks with funds and manipulating their accounts (http://www.almustakbalpaper.net/news.php?id=21068)

2013-09-04 19: 52: 55
The future of Iraq/Special

Informed parliamentary sources revealed, for corruption involving some private banks in the remittance inflows for speculation in and out of Iraq without the knowledge of their owners for private gain, said the Iraqi future»» that «these corrupt dealings gone in banks with customers regarding remittance inflows to and outflows from Iraq through speculation in the Central Bank auction and auction the dollar without the knowledge of their owners and delayed on the pretext of lack of access, As well as the manipulation of financial accounts.

The sources said that "the relevant Department to monitor the performance of private banks in the Office of financial supervision and complaints in this regard and has documentation about these practices but did nothing."

and the "Bank testifies situation of instability, especially after the British Bank's exit was a partner with him and take money for subscription, is one of the leading banks involved in shady dealings with documentation to substantiate this involvement», Commentator that «these documents will be submitted shortly to the Iraqi judiciary.

And raised doubts about the performance of many Iraqi banks, especially community being tracked personalities destinations linked to foreign agendas, as already opened files tainted by suspicions of corruption inside the Central Bank led to the ouster of Mayor and a large number of officers some of whom remain in detention and demanded Parliament from time to time to improve the performance of banking is one of the most important pillars of the economic process, especially in a country like Iraq deals a lot with cash transactions.