View Full Version : Finance Cmte Member: legislation law protects bank deposits to support banking sector

Hue Mi
09-15-2013, 10:16 PM
Member of the Finance Committee: the legislation law protects bank deposits to support the banking sector (http://www.ikhnews.com/index.php?page=article&id=100980)


15-09-2013 10:50 AM

Baghdad (newsletter) ... She is a member of the Finance Committee, the Kurdistan Alliance MP Najib Najib, the need for legislation that protects bank deposits to the advancement of economic reality.

Najib said (News Agency): any law contributes to support the banking sector must do, especially since this sector has many problems and is in need of legislation and measures to promote it.

She added: the Government's interest in legislation so the laws reflects the growth of the economy to other Nations, and fosters trust between the citizen and the banks.

The most important element: the banking sector is credit and deposit money in banks, which in turn contributes to raising capital for those banks.

And Iraq's banking system consists of forty-three banks as well as the Central Bank and distributed by property (7) and banks (30) Community Bank including (7) in addition to Islamic banks (6) foreign banks /finished/5 l. Eng.