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09-29-2013, 09:55 PM
With the participation of Arab and foreign banks

The opening of the first Conference of Iraqi private banks (http://www.aladalanews.net/index.php?show=news&action=article&id=113035)

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On Saturday opened the first Conference for Iraqi banks organized by the Association of private banks in Iraq under the banner of (the Iraqi banking sector-reality and challenges)

The Chairman of the Association of private banks in Iraq, Adnan Al-الچلبي in his speech to the participation of Arab and foreign banks and appropriate Iraqi ministries as well as the Arabic Bank Union at the Conference will be presented in the first day of the Conference (6) research spread over two meetings with Iraqi banking and legislative environment of banking and monetary policy and future directions and Islamic banks in Iraq and economic challenges and banks.

The second day will (6) research also over two sessions and include international institutions and their role in the development of banking and the Bank's working mechanisms of modern approach to banking activity and possibilities and application and software strategic and private banks in small and medium-sized enterprises and the role of foreign banks in strategic and الچلبي the aim of this Conference is to present comprehensive recommendations for development and development The banking sector and the interaction with the economic sector of the national economy and its development.

But Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to review legislation and laws that hinder the work of the private banks, "the Central Bank to" coordination between private banks and Government Relations said in a speech on behalf of the Prime "indicators currently emphasizes low bank credit for important sectors such as agriculture and electricity", stating that "Iraq needs to review legislation and regulations that impede theMl private banks."

the relationship expressed the hope that" the Conference to propose amendments to the legislation, saying "we will be supporting them." and called the relationship "established private bank investment involving Government and private banks and the public," at the same time the Central Bank to "coordination between private banks and the Government."

he stressed the relationship in the floor that "no lead in some private banks failures to elda Through malicious actions and unfair banking community."

said Mr. Kadhim nashor representative of Iraq in Arabic Banking Association in a speech to Arab banking has not been affected by political events in the area to continue Arabic Arab effort in the fight against money laundering and eradicate financing for terrorist groups lauded Mr. Zuhair on bulk Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq

A Conference to unify economic policies and banking service for our dear Dr. Sadik said
QUY, Member of the governing body of the Association of private banks and a member of the World Union of Arab bankers in his search for the Conference title (Islamic banking reality and challenges) that Islamic banks, despite the progress made in the achievements but it is hoped to achieve greater achievements, particularly with respect

Commented in turn development and its contribution to economic problems and economic treatment of Muslim peoples and therefore everyone is invited for rehabilitation and modernization of the financial sector and the banking and Islamic banking sector through a number of factors including macroeconomic stability and provide regulatory and legislative framework with the diversification of services and creation of advanced services for everyone and the introduction of modern technologies in various fields of painMechanism and banking in addition to the need for rehabilitation of human resource in order to achieve growth and development opportunities and meet challenges through the expansion of long-term finance and develop existing financial instruments instead of focusing on the measurement as a secure source of income

called Dr. Sadiq al-to support small enterprises and craft by encouraging the weak and the poor and limited income to engage in the economic cycle, Through speculation, as is the perfect solution for the success of such projects and funding expansion shamari (Zakat and charity donations and endowments under way and loans) as Zakat many repercussions on economic development and productivity and social development through poverty eradication, reducing the gap between the poor and the rich as well as the need to support Islamic banks by Governments issued laws and regulations match the work Bank and especially the Islamic banking law and this little Spread wider and more attractive and stable and to increase capital and expand the base of contributors and the composition of the legitimacy of all Islamic banks for reference and unify opinions and the need to develop legislation instruments (speculation, share or lease or finance)

His private Iraqi banks Association Member sherwan Imran "we need Government support and opportunities to compete with banks", "not to bet on State banks only."

said Omran "so far the instruments issued by private banks are not supported in State banks and State departments because of the actions of the Ministry of finance", calling for "change these procedures and give a chance to balance all that mMonitor work of everyone."

In turn, a member of the Preparatory Committee for the Conference Director of Ashur sherwan Anwar Mustafa: Congress gives an opportunity to present a new strategy for the banking sector over the coming years and how the contribution of the private sector and the banking sector contributes to the process of recycling and funding beginning from small and medium-sized enterprises to large to large investment and each one has a strategy and mechanisms and instruments over the daily n will have to review, indicating at the same time there will be an agreement or agreement on the type of strategy and how the application will be mtsaeln on the application The next phase.

The banking system in Iraq consists of forty-three banks as well as the Central Bank and distributed by property (7) banks and 30 private banks, including Islamic banks (7) in addition to (6) foreign banks.