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Hue Mi
10-19-2013, 10:03 PM
The Baghdad Council demanding greater powers of petrodollars being free (http://www.iraqhurr.org/content/article/25141839.html)

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Saad Kamel

Baghdad provincial Council demanded the Federal Government grant wider powers to manage the proceeds of petrodollars being free.

The President said Dr. Riad biting back, "since the petrodollars being free in 2009 did not employ in the draft development strategy for infrastructure development, improving the environment and the health of patients affected by extractive activities, pollutants and industrial activities.

Biting back the "most relevant governmental institutions develop administrative obstacles, and countless intersections and unjustified objections have long intervened in policy spending petrodollars being free according to their own vision."

Biting back the conservative Council form a specialized Committee, prepared a study on the mechanism of pay petrodollars being free in the next year, the study will be submitted to Parliament for approval and accreditation, and provides absolute powers for local government spending petrodollars being free.

It is recalled that under the modified law of petrodollars being free, the increased share of provinces affected by the impact of export and oil extraction, refining, and filtered to five dollars instead of $1, leaving the share capital within the 2014 budget close by prognosis of $200 million.

The President of the strategic planning Committee of the Council of the Royal Nazar "those huge amounts, invested in the right place, can achieve a qualitative leap in improvement projects environmental reality of capital, and provision of health services for cancer patients."

Royal noted that refinery, the oil well East of Baghdad, which produces about 13,000 barrels further share capital of petrodollars being free to about $200 million, according to the instructions of the law of petrodollars being free to address the environmental impact of those activities.

The President of the financial and Economic Committee in Baghdad Al-Tamimi, surprise objections of ministries of finance and planning, most of the doors pay petrodollars being free, developed by specialized committees on local government, adding that these projects are planned according to the content requirements, as identified by the instructions and regulations laws and legislation plans by 50% for public services, including housing, hygiene, energy and others, another part goes to environmental and health projects have long challenged the ministries concerned and its implementation and this is against the law. According to their expression.

The Chairman of the Committee on the environment revealed in Baghdad provincial Council Naim Hato preparation database, in cooperation and coordination with the Ministry of the environment, on major events affected by pollutants and activities of export and the oil industry, saying the presence of an integrated strategy for the financing of environmental service projects, specifically in the area of improving the quality of drinking water, which granted priority in support of petrodollars being free customizations.