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Hue Mi
10-21-2013, 08:25 PM
An expert in American Affairs: the American crisis worsened in the next 10 years (http://www.burathanews.com/news_article_215627.html)


Ali Salman-21/10/2013-5: 57 pm | Hits: 20

An expert on u.s. Affairs Dr. "full weight" warns against continued raising debt in the United States because that would exacerbate the problem, not to solve work is also now says that the new us focus on the far East.

New us orientation focused on the far eastern region where Chinese economy grows a giant scare us developments, sought to confront it as much as possible. This is the expert on u.s. Affairs Dr. "full weight".

Answer Dr. "weight" in an interview with "the fields" to the question: how the debt has grown in the United States? Causes: "there's a structural problem in the United States since the Reagan era began in 1980 when the u.s. Presidency and the total debt to the United States nearly $750 billion.

But during the Reagan era with the launch of Star Wars, eight years of age in the United States, arranged around three trillion dollars, this was the beginning of indebtedness.

Later, under President George h. w. Bush, installed some debt, not its size, there was an economic boom in the United States, by the end of the Clinton era was about 5 indebtedness, $6 trillion when President George w. Bush the Presidency.

The United States economy well when it is received, and there was some correction in financial markets, and later became a significant stock collapses in the financial markets due to the price of those shares ill-advised, 11, after the great recession lasted two years.

Adds Dr.: an important issue as the United States entered the war in Afghanistan and Iraq, which ranks the United States debt in the Bush era, and debt of $5.6 trillion to $10.3 trillion, with Obama's indebtedness in the United States reached the indebtedness to 16, $7 trillion, and there is a need to increase the debt again, and in the process the United States postpones the indebtedness problem from year to year, and this does not solve the radical indebtedness on the level of internal and external debt, the US portion of indebtedness Inside us and part of the exterior, but there is a debt of service in key sectors other than the 16.7 trillion dollars, the indebtedness of the so-called social security is estimated to be around $20 trillion, well there is the indebtedness of the so-called health insurance and insurance for retired age, up to over 48 trillion.

Dr: the federal budget for this year is $3.7 trillion (700 billion dollars), and President Obama need to owe one to 2 trillion deficit this year, or about 25% of the deficit in this budget, this means that for every four dollars, it need to owe them $1.

And answers the question: "what do you expect for the US economy in the foreseeable future?"

American body has big problems will worsen these problems in the next 10 years, the figures announced in the famous warshr in study of Cox and the indebtedness of nearly 86 trillion.

In some detail, there are several issues that will face the United States in 10 years or the next 12, including the fate of the generation born after World War II between 1946 and 1964, called generation "albaybee gusto pizzeria Ristorante", 77 million people will retire gradually, their finances will be available, and this would be a severe economic blow to the United States will not be able to bear.

A large part of social security spending by 25%, and the part on medical care by 22% and arms 20-25%, and various other issues. Many issues and the substantial need for rationalisation, but will the American economy and the world economy a major setback. Everyone of us has a debt of $215,000 as a result of indebtedness the 86 trillion.