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Hue Mi
10-26-2013, 08:36 PM
Attorney Al-Shara disclosed a draft amendment to the law of the hydrocarbon wealth to allow optometrists to invest their land (http://www.burathanews.com/news_article_216279.html)


Ali Salman-26/10/2013-10: 12 pm | Hits: 13

Oil and Energy Committee, unveiled legislative day, they will report to the House of representatives with a set of important recommendations and basic walstratiget which documented the outcome of recent field visit to Basra.

Member of the Parliamentary Committee on oil and energy Deputy block citizen, Uli Shara, of Basra (ARARE) today, "the Parliamentary Committee on oil and energy after a recent visit to Basra on 13/9/8 to follow oil enterprises and electric and gas, produced good effects on field round a set of facts, the Committee met with officials of these institutions, and dealt with them through questions posed to stakeholders, and listened to their suggestions and challenges to accomplish daily tasks, The Committee noted many things related to oil projects, electrical and gaseous, recommending quickly completed, and the recommendations, guidance, direction, and oversight through the important points and basic walstratigihalti suggested that "there is integration between the legislative and executive bodies in this regard."

Shara said that "the visit of the Parliamentary Committee on oil and energy, came up with a big, elaborate challenges and proposals by officials in the oil institutions and the Committee with a set of important recommendations and basic walstratiget on the subject of oil and energy, in addition to a lot of things the procedures an important report to be submitted to the Iraqi Parliament, the Presidency of the Parliament, adding that among the recommendations that the Committee, as a codified principle is meeting the needs of Basra in terms of electricity, electrical projects The future and address the electricity Ministry regarding non-contract alborag of Turkey, and urged the Government to speed up construction of Grand Harbour, and the dry port and resolve cases of seizure of lands of peasants in Basra."

He continued: we have the idea of legislation to streamline and adjust a law (alhaydro-karbonet), which was launched already in 85/86, and the Census of the Iraqi population at that time half of the current census, technology inferior to actual current technical, and we need legislation that law to allow the people of Basra to invest their lands that were virtually under the absolute control of the oil Ministry for twinning with oil, and the investment of scientific methods And economic development, as well as housing use routinely, not an anarchist, by amending the law of wealth alhaydro-karbonet".

He said that it should "is coordination and cooperation with the Basra Governorate Council regarding contracts with oil companies operating in the province."

"The Parliamentary Committee on oil and energy visited Basra on 13/9/8 and played a number of guided tours and visits to institutions.