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10-26-2013, 08:51 PM
Funds transferred by "the ﮕواني" and banks lack modern technologies (http://www.iraqhurr.org/content/article/25149081.html)

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Iraq - Money exchange, Sulaymania, 06Feb2012

Nabil Al-Haidari

Despite the rapid development in the world of banking, and the movement of money in the countries of the world through modern technology, employing the Internet, Iraqi banks adopt the old traditional systems, and most of its personnel manual methods used widely to complete banking services, causing the delay of completion of course and increase the chances of financial and administrative corruption.

Manager Rasheed Bank official recently called Kadhem nashor reconsider laws associated with banks, and various uses of technology to facilitate the task of the client in dealing with any of these banks.

And the Finance Committee in the House of a technical and administrative problems have prevented the development of the banking sector, and the introduction of modern technologies, asserting that Iraqi banks both governmental and nongovernmental-still lag behind, but even their counterparts in neighboring countries.

He called Committee member Abdul Hussein Al-yasiri to activate certain services, such as the settlement of financial transactions through mobile phones and the Internet,

And facilitate the use of credit cards, and ATM machines, to reduce paper currency, growing dramatically in Iraq, facilitating the completion of transactions on citizens and merchants alike, without having to consult banks and afford to carry cash.


Economists stress the importance of introducing modern techniques in the Iraqi banking, refers to the lovely name of Antoine, told radio free Iraq that there is excessive use of criticism in Iraq, its a huge cash block traded in the market today reached 34 trillion dinars.

So justified, President of the Association of private banks in Iraq Abdul Aziz Hassoun difficulty activating FS Matt financial transactions electronically, by poor infrastructure to support this type of banking

And contributed to years of international isolation imposed on Iraq on the underdevelopment of modern technical services, which represented a revolution in the world of banking services in the world, it is not surprising that some Iraqis when travelling to neighbouring countries surprised to ATM machines or funds transfer transactions, and buy online.

For the nature of the movement of cash and services in bank employee noted that most of the clients of honorary Mayada Bank of venture capitalists and traders are accustomed to traditional methods of conducting their banking, worse that the trader who is indispensable to facilitate his work in other countries, prefer cash to the Bank to complete its deals and organize accounts in Iraq.

Noted honorary by speaking to Mayada radio free Iraq scene entry and exit the Exchange big bags by porters from the branch of the bank where you work, noting that most of the owners of "traditional" prefer storage, transfer and Exchange in a striking through large bags protect protection and porters. It also noted that some bank customers of academics and staff often wonder about the lack of activation of online services for banking, as is common in neighboring countries.

Mayada Al-Fakhri acknowledged that the Iraqi Central Bank urges banks to rehabilitate its personnel to deal with Internet technologies in side transactions but the level of training and qualification and available technology does not guarantee good results by view.

The banking sector in Iraq consists of forty-three banks as well as the Central Bank and distributed by property (7) banks and 30 private banks to foreign banks (6)