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Hue Mi
10-26-2013, 10:28 PM
The natural resources of Iraq makes him most attractive countries for investment (http://www.alsabaah.iq/ArticleShow.aspx?ID=57147)


27/10/13 12: 00 am

Experts: bet on how invested they are disabled

Baghdad-Farah pumice

Experts forecast the economy to occupy Iraq internationally in terms of high ownership investment opportunities with high growth rates in the economy that began with the gradual transition to a market economy.

Economist Dr. Majed Mohammed Hassan said in a statement to (morning): "Iraq will be the first countries attracting the investment process in the world in the area of natural resources, based on several factors including out of Chapter VII, and access to real equal international relations, as well as the use of all kinds of technology, are catalysts for development and attract investment in the country."

the good that the natural resources in the country is very large, the third oil reserve in the region, as well as oil and gas reserves and the workbook Ranked 12 globally.

the report by the Wall Street Journal said the US Iraq class ranked ninth among the better-resourced natural resources in the world. the report indicated that those resources of about 9.9 trillion dollars of oil and gas, phosphate, natural resources have been calculated based on the items of the 10 most valuable natural resources, namely oil, gas and coal, forestry, timber, gold, silver, copper, uranium, iron ore, and phosphate.

I think that the problem is not in the investment of these resources which are not external, but internal basis dependent on how to manage the funds that flow from these natural resources, calling for building State institutions and to alleviate the political tensions and ensuring the Elimination of financial and administrative corruption and bureaucracy, as well as providing the necessary infrastructure, including electric power, especially as it affects the relationship of Iraq States foreign invested,

Hassan said that as strategic national energy plan stresses that efforts were very heavily to improve these resources to get the most value for money.

In turn, the spokesman of the Ministry of planning Nicole Hindawi told a journalist: "Iraq seeks to increase the export of natural resources, from oil and natural gas in the direction of the acceleration of the development sectors of national development,"

he said, adding that the five-year plan 2013-2017 will take upon themselves the development of some sectors to be a suitable alternative to oil in coming years.

Natural resources experts confirmed that the Iraqi environment rich environments filled with riches, but the bet stays on how to invest this wealth that look sometimes disabled wealth. but environmental expert Hadi al-Nasser said: "the global report omitted many other riches in Iraq such as red mercury in southern Iraq, which are rare and unique at the same time."

that Russia came in first place in the daily evaluation of natural resources worth an estimated $75.7 trillion thanks Multiple resources especially oil and gas, forestry, replaced the United States ranked second with 45.55 trillion.