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Hue Mi
11-06-2013, 02:00 AM
Cards to shop online for the balance of the phone (http://www.alsabaah.iq/ArticleShow.aspx?ID=57843)

06/11/13, 12: 00 am

Forecast extended to public markets

Baghdad-Mostafa Hashemi

Iraq has sophisticated electronic payment systems, the spread of treats citizens with smart cards and e-money is as an economist with banking awareness they have, and there are signs and indicators of success for the desire to exist in the global development and use of modern technologies in the Organization of life and living things and save time and effort in the shop and deposit and withdrawal operations with the smart card.

Cost of transport

In this context, says Economist Dr. Mohammad Saleh appearance to spread the culture of dealing with money instead of cash contributed a lot in improving the payments system, the activation of the automation systems for the e-card will keep more cash in bank accounts, as well as reduce the cost transfer and protection and armoured car rental etc.

Awareness of banking

He said to (morning) there are several types of bank cards that are currently in Iraq, and the still limited to a certain category without further addition to the majority of citizens do not know how to deal with the lack of awareness of banking. Noting that the smart card holders of retired or social welfare system are quick to withdraw funds from their reservoir and converted to the (cash) no longer retained by credit financial card. The distribution of salaries this way significantly contributed to reduce crowding on banks and reduce the voltage on its staff.

Shopping cards

Economic researcher said Suhad virgins that recently emerged in Baghdad and several provinces custom cards for online shopping through certified agents who sell them for the balance of the phone.

Global site

In a statement to (morning), the price of the card varies depending on its class, for example shopping card with 10 dollars sold for balance 13. that when the acquisition card should open a special account in one of the known sites, and it resembles the work of the Bank that regulate the process of withdrawal and deposit and deduct the price of the materials that were her shopping, pointing to this site is universally recognized which conducts thousands of transactions per day.

And virgins the dissemination and expansion of this phenomenon in Baghdad to normal as markets in countries that added home delivery for an extra price.