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Hue Mi
11-06-2013, 09:51 PM
Trade show willingness to cooperate with banks efficient (http://www.alsabaah.iq/ArticleShow.aspx?ID=57915)

07/11/13, 12: 00 am
Baghdad morning

The Ministry of Commerce expressed its readiness to cooperate with private banks through the Association of private banks in Iraq and the assessment of banks.

During the recent meeting between Trade Minister Khairallah Hassan Abakar, Chairman of the Association of banks of Adnan Chalabi in the presence of a number of officials on both sides people said some of the problems encountered by the Ministry with the Bank or banks of the inefficiency of the letters of guarantee and errors that led to the failure of many tenders wetakhirha

Babiker said transparently and openly manipulated other than reverse the bad impression in dealing with sourcesP but instead finds the need to support the successful development of its banks for its contribution in support of the private sector and the importance of its role in the economy and development.

for his part, President Adnan Chalabi ready for processing and accounting shenanigans and scolding reluctant banks and denied such privileges as the Commerce Ministry adviser suggested the adoption of swift system between the Ministry and the banks to address the health of the breasts and letters of guarantee that impenetrable.

Member of the governing body of the Association, Wadih bitter melon have suggested new mechanisms by the Registrar of companies to facilitate the work of the banks, calling for a meeting For this the purpose as scheduled for the 14th of this month, expressing gratitude for the fruitful cooperation of the Ministry of trade with the private banking sector to overcome barriers to work, calling on other ministries to do the same.