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Hue Mi
11-08-2013, 11:17 PM
The private banking sector in KRG (http://www.iraqhurr.org/content/article/25162579.html)


Azad Mohammed

Set up the information center and the Kurdish strategic studies, a non-governmental organization workshop on tuberculosis researchers participated in the Manet economists, bankers and businessmen.

Araz was unable to head in a statement to radio free Iraq "the goal of the workshop is to diagnose flaws that increase the effectiveness of the private banking sector in Kurdistan in the mutuality of the banking and investment support in the territory and Iraq."

Said Hossam BERZINJI economic education Manager, one of the participants in the workshop, "the private banking sector in Kurdistan failed to support and facilitate investment, given the many constraints, the tedatha banks to borrowers, such as many of the requested guarantees, high interest on loans, and the short duration of payment".

As Economist Muhammad Fatih, "the private banking sector in Iraq has not yet been able to carry out its role in the economic process, given the lack of trust between the citizen on the one hand, and between government departments.

"A lot of people lost money in recent years on banks, as a result of political and currency fluctuations. And dozens of private banks operating in the region now but its role is limited to process banking and this is a big problem."