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11-14-2013, 12:27 PM
Brother is this site getting dull these days....Give a chuckle if this makes a chuckle...

Lady goes on holiday to Barbados and walking around the night life she bumps into a large tall dark stranger, gets talking and generally having a good time, so they go back to his place for a bit of rumpy pumpy, after a couple of hours she thanks him and ask's for his name.

"No i a'int gonna tell you that because you will only laugh".."No i wont" says she..."Nope" he says...."Okay", so she gets dressed and out she goes.

Strolling about the next night she bumps into her new found friend again..."Hi" he says...doing anything tonight?"...Her eyes light up..."No"...So of they go for another couple of hours mattress bashing, when finished again she ask's the same question as before..."Are you going to tell me your name now?" "Nope, i told you if i do you will only laugh"...."No i wont"...."No, yes you will", so no option she gets dressed, thanks him and leaves.

This went on for the next couple of nights, same routine, same question's, same answer everytime.

Finally her last night in Barbados comes around and meeting up again with her tall dark handsome lover for one more round of cleaning out the gun barrel she says..."Now look, six nights of love and still i haven"t got a clue what your name is, you know mine, whats yours?."......Thinking whats the harm now it's the last night here he makes her promise not to laugh if he tells her.....O"kay promise you wont laugh.... it's SNOW".

With that she burst out in rib bursting fits of laughter....."See i told you" he said.. "if i told you my name you would laugh".....

NO, she says..."it's not your name making me laugh"...."But how the hell am i going to tell my friends when i get home I had........8inches of SNOW every night in Barbados".

11-14-2013, 09:34 PM
baz, This always made me "chuckle".