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Hue Mi
11-18-2013, 09:54 AM
Economic openness (http://www.alsabaah.iq/ArticleShow.aspx?ID=58497)

18/11/13, 12: 00 am
Yasser Metwally

With Iraq economically open to most countries of the world according to common interests, requirements and needs of the country find that there is a decline internally between economic sectors and will definitely cause blurred vision and the economic approach we find both sing to his own drummer.

These things need to stop real calendar of what's going on in Iraq to join efforts towards the restoration of the aubalahari building our national economy according to the dictates of the next phase of the great responsibilities in this direction.

Much talk about many such necessities and are calling for activating cooperation between the public and private sectors and multilateral reforms, economy and management, combat corruption and improve completion rates and rotate the wheel of domestic production and improve services all the necessities of a logic without actually when we come to these necessities we encounter with the actions and decisions of these necessities and delay the implementation of reforms.

We believe that the restoration of the country's economic House requires open locally between economic sectors economically first through the establishment of the Supreme Economic Council comprising all the expertise and skills of the sides of the equation of State and private sector planning and designing a road map for economic reform and necessities and priorities, otherwise the prosthetic solutions would be a success but the results would be negative to the economic and social realities, both to close and they influenced one another.

We see that there is a move in that direction, motivated by some sectors to promote economic and development realities but avoid to collide and sterile procedures result in protein idea before maturity therefore need to strengthen the conviction that partnership between the private and public sectors without which we cannot achieve successes.

Give example of this trend, there is a real effort to involve the banking sector both to play a significant role in development through active participation in strategic projects through the aggregate loan program, for example, where the loans are based on the premise that the more the Bank jointly with joint capital to lend to companies that want to implement an infrastructure projects, for example building giant residential project contributes to ease the housing crisis and led to operation supported unemployed and there are great efforts for this maturation Development project to develop mechanisms for the collection and management of loans and funding requirements.

But there is apprehension by owners experience awalfkrh did not get approvals for the project that the binding legal banking sector banks, Central Bank and these fears are not for anything but our problem we are here in Iraq a prejudgement, suspicion and pessimism and the strangest methods that made us retreat 100 step with one step.

For it is our prayers at this stage to open up economically from inside any locally to be able achieve success in our openness to they monitor our procedures and they prepare her for construction and development, how can an investor finds the challenges facing local and economic institutions are the first entry gate hardware investment that comes to his money, we review our situation and correct the path for the following fascinating opportunities cannot be compensated, and the results of the international assessment of our path is either inflated or true because they include many observations pillar does come Time to change track as long as the threshold of 2014.