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Iraqi private sector The real power of neglectedPhase Center venture

In order to access the import substitution strategy


Hashim Jaafar Al-Mukhtar Al-Jaafari
Private sector and economic researcher
Bachelor of mathematics


Experienced 78 years on the establishment of the Iraqi State over the Iraqi sector of the various competing political circumstances have left their mark on the project between capitalist economy dry in early state during and between successive Republic reigns and tamimiat between the machine and the wetamim support the project and form an image. It marked the project's light weight and its reliance on cheaper machines, which perform the same purpose, even at the expense of alantagia and time and various employment conditions experienced by this country in mind entrepreneurial adoption be losing less in the event of closure and flee if emergency and that most of the Iraqi projects do not give importance to the finalized product packaging security as excessive protection measuresThe harm is the lack of interest by producers factor induced lack of competition factor with all of this the Iraqi industrial and investor significant culture has also a mindset receptive to modernization and development, but the project was actually adapted to the realities of the political conditions of the country and on that basis I am going that the illness is not in this country's agricultural industrialists and they have proven they rise in altitude to find alternatives And implementation of duties and adapt to circumstances and strict laws are exactly and the number of references, including Iraq's reconstruction campaign period 91-94 as builders and Iraqi technicians could then provide lessons in fast delivery despite the simple methods used at that time and the shoulder of the country. And other signals received from manufacturers in the free zones in Jordan and mount to demonstrate that it easier for the leaders of the first force behind the human potential is of high economic planners can go away with their plans and their imagination. Say but the illness in my opinion is the flaw in the management of the country's resources, including human and investor went to the wealth of various Governments and leaders that have passed them unnoticed, they used mostly bad or non-optimal use.


Day after day the people pay tax confusion in economic management by government staff and existing conflicts and throwing sticks of each party to the other wheel after 2003 and after the demise of the former regime and after the arrival of the new market economy system and endorsed by the Constitution with the lifting of many restrictions that had limited the private sector ventures and the arrival of a new crew contacting hybrid economy and Western systems takes upon itself the product to Western markets especially, the most timely United States pledges to open their markets to the products of Iraq to encourage participation, and also benefit from the energies and resources and create an attractive investment environment for foreign investors and local but of course as is known was not just that the economy was taken by surprise and were finishing off the Iraqi market with products from some fear America itself full openness such as China with professionalism RepriseAnd while the industrial product industries of Iraq and promising apprentice under unbalanced competition have led to the closure of markets and close to 90% of factories and workshops and to minimalism was performing some purposes as it was blocking the local demand and the balanced growing wemdatrd with the need for increasing and decreasing the local garment factories that were filled by the river and street shoes in the neighbouring areas were fill need The local market in Iraq with excellent models and good industries all stopped and stores or ruins with regret and same thing on furniture factories and production plants for candy and refreshments and authorized her to blows below the belt and surprise and today we are in an advanced stage of late with our case not just to manufacture non-us what we eat and wear but others from bringing potentially lethal and waste, we do not find pursuant to PNINA and suffer from unemployment. I say these factories were running thousands of Iraqi workers and schools to produce skilled technicians what is good and what is the vision which had the foresight that crews are not congruent in hostility towards or discarded. Today, the experience of the economic decision to hand the address market inflated thousands unemployed and they form long lines for jobs to support their families and a decent living but of course despite the temporary treatment in recruitment and unjustified these treatments did not constitute almtkah the oil wealth viable solutions and problems still and I don't want to dwell on the dilemma as much as I would like to point out that the current greatest challenge for lawmakers is how to return rotation Machines and stop the flight from the factory or farm to a queue job request and return workers to their factories and hosing them to contribute actively and properly manage the economic life.

Here it is important that we take advantage of the global experience in the treatment of this type of problems, particularly those that have experienced similar conditions we can through the study treatments to draw lessons and emulate those treatments on our conditions and adapted and applied for by the Renaissance and particularly South Korea leading experience. Among the most important reasons for the disabled role of the private sector and the role of local product:-

1-Openness is not considered an industrial Iraq and his farmers to compete with unbalanced before industrialists living in and Government provides various types of support to offer an integrated product with good price led to the dumping of cheap goods and to close factories and farms that lost stand.

2-The lack of financial liquidity to the State to support projects and spending on advances to industry and industrial and agricultural projects to access the budget expenditure on rental of staff and of the operation and also high costs charged by government staff if spending on the three presidencies around 20 billion dollars.

3-An unprecedented nadir administrative corruption and Iraq ranks third in the United Nations

4-Lack of vision on the launch and management of the country's economy to the non professional leaders and being paid kafras for political quotas and not choose the appropriate competencies, in the right places and the absence of economic programs that guide and educate and mobilize towards a sound economy and the absence of views the awareness programs and educational and scientific orientation and the Government about sound economic destinations.

5-The country to conspiracy and economic sabotage by States hostile to Iraq and the Renaissance economic propaganda that highlight the negative aspects of the good Iraqi to weaken Iraq and further vandalized and absence of confrontation for reducing the effects of this type of conspiracy.

6-The loss of the ability to establish realistic financial budgets reflect economic reality and the absence of a realistic vision of obtaining State fees on some of the activities and also the loss of the ability to set spending priorities and project priorities.

7-Tax activity is measured on the stalled or lean factories already and there is no tax on the industry and enterprise and no exemptions kmerkih on machinery and production lines, raw materials.

8-The lack of coordination in decision-making between government ministries, some decisions coming out of ministries reject and do not work with other ministries.

9-The lack of decisiveness, the decisions of the Centre can be revoked and lose more of their usefulness if wrapping them with use of the laws of the Kurdistan region, thus there are now regulations dealing with territorial decisions that violate resolutions Center. as in vehicle registration plates and also circumvent the resolutions of the Ministry of planning of the last decisions about certification almanttg ... and other things ... ... ... ... ...

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Ways of promotion of the private sector

The promotion of the private sector in the course is not an isolated or solo comes in combination of comprehensive Renaissance initiated by the State, the State should lead the economy starting to breach the market economy in that it treat current conditions require the determined efforts of all the faithful of this nation but also a high degree of loyalty, despite the weight of the Renaissance and the inherited backlog that it is not impossible but real efforts in order not to mix the cards we have to determine the priorities of the promotion And determine the proper steps to work with them to reach nearby stages we must reach in order to reach higher levels and there is no doubt that the biggest challenge for us now and at this point is the recycling of existing plants and start lowering schemes and new machines to the market in preparation for strategic domestic industries to replace the industries (import substitution).

Since we already Miss midfield ACE thamarai selvan domestic investor by encouraging external permission we proceed with work to create an attractive investment environment or investment encourages the acquisition of industrial or agricultural project as a way to live or to profit by the investor.

Phase Center venture

For Central investment attractive for investment and encouraging action by local and foreign investor to be the State of inter actions make the State capable of leading to specific destination-oriented economy sound and make the plant and sell and buy and as Iraq headed to enter free trade organization should benefit from the duration granted to rearrange his papers in order to be eligible for entry into this Club and also take a set of actions that is free to take now when To prove his membership in the Organization shall be specific and restricted freedom.

Here, the State must take a central role in the current stage, since there are no other Iraqi institution for her capacity and resources to lead a strong and rapid change. And also help us to professionals benefit from the experience and economic behaviour by some States for their particular successful experiences and the most important and brightest and top South Korean experience especially the conditions experienced by the State in the early Renaissance to the high degree of similarity with the conditions that we are experiencing today, administrative corruption in the above still Korean youth organization working to remove it from the memory of the world, unemployment, political system and suffice it to say that the Korean Constitution changed 9 times.

South Korea has developed under General chanik Park

The Economic Planning Board was chaired by the Prime Minister and under the auspices of the Cabinet Office directly entrusted:-

1-Management, planning and construction of a national economy and creating a meaningful investment centre.

2-Oversight and coordination among ministries and agencies that play a role in economic life

This Council of Ministers economic portfolios with a broad spectrum of experts and economists with the heads of large companies and the goal was consistent, deliberate decisions to exit and not far from the reality of the market and of the bodies and economic agencies had assumed leadership of the economy was the most important:-

1-The Korean Agency for promoting industry took it upon themselves to training and giving information to industry on a raw materials and prices and also training on modern machines and mediate them to buy fonts

2-Agency to encourage traders and export KOTRA

3-Korean Institute for professional development and education

In addition to the role of media organizations made continuous efforts and perseverance in promoting investment in industry and agriculture also did not spare no effort in providing advice and guidance to any question and industrialists tried diligently remove all alouaek to industrial farms.

All these actions led to the transfer of Korea third poorest nation by the world in 1959 to no. 12 in the world in 1988 and truth talking long Korean experience and return to the main theme of wonder this State does not have any natural resources has achieved all this, what about us we can do all types of change, God blessed this earth different from human resources.

To create the Center and begin to enter the import substitution period must follow the set of steps, including:-

1-Development of economic planning Council chaired by the Prime Minister of the country and under the supervision of library directly and comprises the Ministers of Economics and economists bags

2-Set priorities for project funding and try to provide liquidity to finance a center stage of these proceedings.

A. Reduce spending on Government staff by reducing the number of Deputies and amend the allocations of parliamentarians and to make work the commissions duties even if the popular referendum and stop the payment of pensions to former parliamentarians and reduced largely to provide up to 50% of the expenditure and this worked by Italy with 60 million people with reduced parliamentarians from 600 to 250 MPs in Parliament last year and made the work of the commissions which were paid by their duties and there is a group of similar action by States A range of austerity measures on government spending on the crew:

B-New look for fees collected for the State

T-A new salary scale

W-Encouraging savings by raising the rate of interest and adoption of new issues of payment such as credit cards.

C-The privatization of certain sectors or application of self-financing for funding

3-The development of economic institutions and bodies take on managing economic life including

A.A broad information campaign to encourage industry, agriculture and investment within Arab and highlight the wealth of possible investment in Iraq.

B-Training and education for professional fonts and new machinery.

T-Setting priorities for projects of interest to the country and that the private sector can invest by

W-Spread the spirit of enthusiasm for the definition of the role of the private sector in its place and role in the future of the country

C-Take care of small and medium-sized enterprises

H.Compilation of young and small capitalization companies by building and gathering and training mechanisms for collective action

And other functions

4-Building a legal institutional economic framework supports industrial and agro-industrial projects and offers all facilities to investors such as

A.Easy to leave

B-Simplify the process of creating a legal firms

T-Simplify banking

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Iraqi private sector (http://almowatennews.com/index.php/2013-04-19-21-18-06/5119-2013-11-24-14-43-08.html) continued 3 of 3

5-Create and build tools using the customs tariff act in preparation for application:

It is known for workers and investors administrative corruption at border crossing points, especially when the appraisal committees and the designation of the goods to determine customs value the State pull the rug from under the feet of these transfer authority to committees in the center of the most important actions by building and developing land and sea ports and the supply of State-of-the-art image transfer and transport direct TV and turn men from assessors kmMove to commercial directories and transfer authority to determine customs value of ports to the commissions through direct public television broadcast and also through the intended transfer of goods from the back of the truck country border next to an Iraqi truck appeared, like at points with the Iranian border in the exchange of goods, while the permission state could lead to restrict import and not to open the floodgates for goods received and especially those which Iraq manufacture (water , Soft drinks, etc.) and those that are easy to manufacture, even though Iraq has no industry, but would raise the price tag for the marketing of its productivity.

6-Deal with reality in Iraq realistically and create as many convertible into Iraqi territory does not mean dividing the country but to deal with inconsistencies in the decisions of the territory and which violates the spirit and approach of the Centre of economic decisions reflect negatively on decisions and co-opt its content while so the State can handle around the central law by some merchants and goods on the territory In order to evade the restrictions established by the Centre region free to take appropriate economic decisions in life runs the territory but also economic decision should not reflect negatively on the status of the multiplicity of customs and their presence within the territory of the State is the case in Iran, informed or who have brought goods transit through the port of Bandar Abbas Iraq knows that Iran has as a mark, for example, as a mark of Bandar Abbas as a mark of Tehran as mark Marsh each The territory has a slightly different economic laws and the right to protect itself from some differences, of course, believe in different things, including a white licence plates at low prices and also enter the goods in a manner different from the decision of the Ministry of planning to make merchants go to enter goods through Kurdistan and other things ...

7-Conditional product protection programs to develop or introduce modern machines from the production process and provide the solutions and the primitive method to transfer manufacturing to modernity.

8-The Iraqi agency begin construction products to sell Iraq out of the country by adopting the role of producers who do not have export options by building in some States sales centers and commercial centers, markets, especially those of Iraqi communities or in areas of sale or free world markets, including Dubai and China and other it remove Iraq sell a lot of leather industries if they bring modern components and supplies and food from the flavor so it ahead of most of the world products.

9-Promoting electronic commerce and building economic website through which he can display their products, Iraqi manufacturers through its open Web saitat implied as in China Times www.made-in-china.com (http://www.made-in-china.com) , gobsalsource.com,ec21.com,alibaba.com

All those Web saitat by accepting the Governments of those countries in order to facilitate building a website by the investor free and simplified in order to view the product globally or to grant memberships producers Verifier (Gold membership) on a voluntary basis.

10-Training on various systems Electronic management and you can shop the State gradually and make it mandatory or conditional for العطءات of the investor receives certificates of different training courses.

11-The industrial and agricultural literacy and training programmes across all media and audio-visual show on the role of media in building a new spirit.

12-The State began to build giant projects of factories to fertilizers, iron and steel, cement and construction-free zone on the FAO peninsula and the port of Faw as building built by the Iraqi industrial priority balbiia for products it owns in the town of carriers from other countries have preference, especially so that he can sell small amounts and have moved the price of full alkontinrat quantities of the most important problems faced by States in marketing is the inability to sell the quantities of containers full they use Higher air transport cost which reduces hadodha sale.

13-Building bridges with industrialized nations such as China, to make the cost of cheap travel and bring the lines and machinery and economic partnerships and open centres where the argument for helping the new Iraqi investors to acquire better and help them move their purchases to Iraq, especially with regard to the transfer of small quantities LCL The quantities of containers so that small and medium-sized investors who make up the majority of Iraqi investors, as they make up the Iraqi market competition and the importance of such centres, especially in the global industrial centers which are difficult for small investors obtain visas to be reliable broker that represents the status of the investor and guarantee their rights and also benefits from industrial development in those States.

14 Encourage industry by selling production lines attached with contracts for the processing of the ministries of defence and Interior, and various fittings.

And other measures to create a central investment encouraging investments.