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Hue Mi
11-28-2013, 09:48 PM
Erbil: Preparations continue for the opening of Kurdish stock exchange (http://www.iraqhurr.org/content/article/25182287.html)


Abdel Hamid Zebari

Preparations are coming to market securities or stock exchange ". Officials and observers expected the market opening mid next year.

The Kurdistan Regional Government Iraq for nearly three years on the project company to the financial markets, and that many conferences, seminars and workshops in the territory and outside, as well as with a group of foreign companies to train that will work in the future in the market.

And organized a Chamber of Commerce and industry of Kurdistan Arbil, an expanded meeting with entrepreneurs to enter the IPO market and the conversion of a limited company to a stock company.

In a statement to radio free Iraq President the stock market in northern Iraq, Ahmed Abdullah, that the US firm was contracted to provide advice and training on the market was the agreement with NASDAQ to create a market system, and draws attention to the market launch comes in coordination with the Securities Commission in Baghdad.

The specialists and entrepreneurs to launch market to the securities in order to contribute to the venture capitalists, which laymklon companies post-hurricane and ongoing investment in the region by contributing to the companies.

Legal counsel said Ibrahim Cindy is one of the founders of the Union of Kurdistan investors that this project is a revival in financial and investment sphere and important impetus for businesses for the better.

The Chairman of the Board and General Manager of Harco shopping to construction and contracting Mustafa Mohammed Hariri, the importance of a securities market in the territory of that local banks to support investment projects.

Among the companies that will be limited to the contribution you will lose some of their powers in making decisions but in return will reduce financial risk, according to economic analyst Mohammed Salman.