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Foreign banks in Baghdad. Is healthy to achieve prosperity and economic recovery (http://www.alghadpress.com/ar/NewsDetails.aspx?NewsID=6224)


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Tomorrow press Baghdad Muhanad Mustafa

Global banks and entered the Arabic despite the Iraqi market to invest and operate local cadres and Arabic and foreign, not security events in the country to stop life but opening those banks escalated both in Baghdad and the provinces, which led to economic prosperity and easy movement of capital to invest.

"Tomorrow" I talked with citizens, experts and specialists in the field of economy, business and finance, who had argued the banks which exist in Baghdad after 2003 and that create a proper ground for governmental action.

The Summit requires economic Renaissance

Falah Hassan, an employee of the District Assembly, the banks lent to the Iraqi economy fundamentals just to reach the ranks of developed countries, which have developed an economic renaissance that insisted activated capitalist countries.

Good tracks, "in order to reach the Summit of prosperity and economic recovery, and this comes only with the participation of other countries with its experience and expertise in the area of banking that is supposed to establish a base in Baghdad.

Cooperation and coordination makes us a modern State

Add Heba shawky, an employee at Baghdad University, for "tomorrow", "the existence of such banks makes the country the focus of the world that we don't disagree on the rest of the neighbouring States that have become the biggest and the strongest opposition, invests around the world webakoi offers the largest amount of money which may equal the full infrastructure building in Baghdad.

Refers to the need to "work seriously and sincerely wished to create a promising future for the country and this ambition can be born only in strategic plans and partnership and real cooperation, to become a modern state its proverbs as a hit the rest of the world."

We need to experience world-class companies

Draws the Sri Mohammad resident in one of the neighboring States, "the success of the State depends on its economic intensification which includes establishing strong relations with all States that depend on structured and periphery in dealing with other States on the economy".

And stresses that "the title prosperity awaited by Iraqis despite the suffering comes through best efforts and bringing in well-known international companies to be its territory as a springboard for reconstruction and building, which has always worked great and small."

The security situation negatively

Asnat shows undefined, an employee at one of the banks, said "the situation prevailing in the country, has made a number of businessmen hang their work in the capital and its provinces, which had a negative impact on some sectors of the State, this is normal and occurs for all the countries of the civilized world".

Asnat refers to "the urgent need for the country to bring banking committees of the States with their financial and practical and scientific foundations in the banking system in order to reach the dream, and that dream is achieved only through the establishment of a breeding ground for foreign investors in order to benefit, and of projects that move the joints of economic life."

Iraq is a country attractive for global banks

Mahmoud Murtada, indicates the recipient of one of the banks, "alghadbrs" to "the presence of foreign banks in Baghdad, make them the focus of everyone and will make her look different and sound health economic, our country has all the features, pros, which was intended to establish economic Renaissance fact need the country, we have the expertise and scientific personnel that make us not a deficiency of something about the rest of the world."

Their presence creates an atmosphere of competition

Economist explains Majid photos, for "tomorrow," "the presence of foreign banks in the country, is important because it creates an atmosphere of rivalry about offers and services offered by those in Iraqi banks, branches of foreign banks operating in Iraq should be governed by laws and links by the CBI."

The picture shows the "universal banks in Baghdad, known as Standard Chartered Bank, gives a positive image of the country's economic situation, as it ensures a number of global resources and experience that qualify for world recovery and economic prosperity, and his work with Iraq in accordance with global systems is a clear indication that we have makes us live up to the goals.

Routine control of banks

Previously the Agency Finance Minister Shukri for "tomorrow", "structural reality in State banks allows branch managers neglect of many important aspects of banking, as well as the deadly routine because of the long process of revision customers which makes them prefer private banks to government counterparts".

At the same time, criticizing "Government banking structure in Baghdad, urging them to improve their reality for citizens, in particular, that Iraq expects the draft restructuring of banks to promote banking"

While the Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki during the opening ceremony of the Standard Chartered Bank, attended by "tomorrow", "the entry of international banks send a message that Iraq is not isolated from the world and represent an important step towards enhancing the interaction between the international and Iraqi banks."

Maliki called for national banking institutions to take advantage of the expertise that could be provided by the Bank and its branches which will open later in Basra and Erbil."

The capital city of Baghdad began receiving offers and requests by international banks to operate in Iraqi territory, and businessmen from all layers of society, not to mention that the existence of such banks in the country will be reflected positively on the general situation, because of their significant role in the revival and reconstruction and economic boom make Iraq one of the most important countries in the world economy and experience gained by such acts of foreign banks operating in the country.