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Hue Mi
12-05-2013, 07:59 AM
12: 40 12/13-12-03

Economic: the divided national project is a positive step for the development of the banking system (http://alrayy.com/98622.htm)

Baghdad-Al-stressed economy and Investment Committee member MP Hussein almerapi, the divided national is a positive step that facilitates interaction of citizens and companies with banks in accordance with modern technology.

Almerapi said in a press release Tuesday, the "draft national will link the divided state banks and private banks with a unified communication network through the circulation of bank credit cards that will facilitate banking."

He continued that the credit card is a tool to pull out the cash blocks issued by a commercial bank or financial institution and two credit cards, and credit cards open and will draft a splitter.

"The national system is an electronic telephone exchange, told the banking needs of educational programmes and outreach workers at banks and customers in order to learn how to use this new technology in banking transactions. P/I