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Hue Mi
12-09-2013, 09:41 PM
Chairman of the Securities Commission for Justice:

The Iraqi stock market experienced significant growth during the current year (http://www.aladalanews.net/index.php?show=news&action=article&id=114579)


Justice Salah Al-Hasani-10/12/2013-11: 22 pm | Hits: 6

SCA Chief Dr. Abdul-Razzaq Al-Saadi, the Iraqi stock market experienced significant growth during the current year, saying in a statement to justice

That the market will grow further next year 2014 due to plans to include some new companies in Iraq market for securities and market Arbil during the second half of next year in addition to companies including company rings to market that will increase volume

and Al-Saadi said the authority was working with other agencies to activate investment contributed to the mixed sector in the stock market and allow the sale and trading of those shares for the purpose of moving the market and stimulate companies to public sector Work within some of the mixed sector companies as obstructive and largest example of the Baghdad soft drinks company after its transformation from the mixed sector to yielded sophisticated and highly successful and produced in the ranks of the developed countries and we hope that the production do the rest of the companies follow Baghdad company and the Chairman of the Securities Commission, Dr. Abdul-Razzaq Al-Saadi that next year will see the development of the platform to be fast to meet the requirement The market will be in parallel with the Dubai financial market also agreed with the Trade Bank of Iraq to pay staff via smart card and called Al-Saadi,

adoption of sustainable development in the future plan for Iraq so that sustainable development put the broader horizon for economic and social development and the country's development,

adding that current plans and budget arithmetic numbers for installed only budget and pass the oil revenues and Covered without resorting to examine the merits of each project and a waste of or delay in some projects, particularly in education and health and sustainable development must be developed by specialists in various disciplines must be effective coordination between fiscal policy and monetary policy in the country and to work independently, each of which will lead to wastage and blurred vision for the development plan and on the idea of establishing Al-Saadi said the investment funds That idea is important in the economic development process, pointing out that it supported in some countries of the region and had great success,

adding that investment funds operating in the mode of financing of the factory or company and then go in the financial market after becoming a winner, by production or service you specialize, increase turnout, indicating that investors don't they possess sufficient expertise in this area, noting the possibility of investing Those funds in the rehabilitation of the mixed sector companies across the country and with different terms of reference, pointing to the importance of collecting these shares in one institution and reselling local Exchange after rehabilitation.

the subsequent phase involving transfer of capital funds for the development of public sector companies under the supervision of a specialized international effort and then traded in a financial market, adding that this led to the establishment of a company Others adopt the same mechanism at work.

Stressing that this trend leads to problems of public sector companies as well as the problems of society, in particular unemployment, noting that corporate managers, financial institutions, professional associations and groups of shareholders and managers of investment funds and investment advisors and managers are keen to put those rules in place, promotion and corporate application marked as success.

Pointing out that he hoped that seeks companies and contributors to work on the application of these rules and abide by them for their many interests not only the companies but to the General wing.

the importance of the application of the rules of corporate governance despite the company not listed on the stock market then no! not harm coverage of companies, where the rules of corporate governance possible coverage and this helps those companies In the stock and ensure that the assessment of the stock price for bank credit and mortgage.

He said the situation in advanced corporate governance rules in some advanced countries in this area and is the demand of a possible corporate contributors to the laws and regulations in force and the obligation to disclose material information to shareholders, creditors and other stakeholders in all cases must be the mechanisms, systems and laws and regulations based on objective criteria informality only meets the requirements of governance.