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Hue Mi
12-10-2013, 04:24 AM
Invitation to customize systems in banking (http://www.alsabaah.iq/ArticleShow.aspx?ID=59961)

10/12/13 12: 00 am
Baghdad-Chartreuse, Chen

Counting the Secretary General of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and banking transactions later than financial world bloc due to the loss of free banking and law restricted the appropriate boards pointing out that freedom is missing in the Banking Act.

Blessed, said Abdul Hussein for "morning" that banking is limited to deposit and withdraw funds without providing other banking services to customers as well as the Central Bank sold the dollar Iraqi assets auctioned by private banks for pointing out that this work did not achieve the desired goal and drew attention to the phenomenon of a lot of the same faces at the doors of the banks for the purpose of obtaining a simple sum of five thousand dollars is uncivilized and do nothing for the banking activity to allocate this In correct business processes for activating economic role as an important economic force.

He said private banks are not commercial operations while its commercial stressing the need to enable it to fulfil its role as the rest of the surrounding countries.

Wishing me the State Council considered these laws scientifically valid especially in regards to the Banking Act as primarily responsible for the deterioration of the banking services.

The parliamentary Economic Committee had stressed the need for Iraq to foreign banks with an investment to support the investment process in the country, pointing out that the Iraqi environment need sophisticated banks with capital and investment in nature to support the investment process and economic development in the country.