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Hue Mi
12-13-2013, 06:17 AM
Integrity of subjecting the Baghdad stock market control (http://pukmedia.com/AR_Direje.aspx?Jimare=24994)

13/12/13 02: 38: 00

The stock market

The integrity Commission member called House of DG and government regulators to follow the work of the Baghdad stock exchange market and verify free of suspicions of corruption. Because of the role it plays in economic fluctuations and its impact on investment in Iraq.

MP from iraqiya free told him the Coalition Press Office on Friday, received a copy of PUKmedia "Baghdad market financial expenditure away from the Lao Government control since 2003, and certainly the absence of oversight on this institution, which control the country's economy, directly or indirectly, might encourage access violations and manipulations of stock prices on the stock market up and down, as well as manipulate the identities of shareholders."

And stated: "there is a suspicion of corruption in this market which affected the investment sector and important sectors in Iraq, especially since no days its disclosures and coin mechanism with transparency for shareholders and there is no information on the sources of capital and standards supported by the rise and fall of the stock".

Nassif, stressed the "need to have the Baghdad stock market subject to regulatory authorities, and that we find a significant role for Government integrity Commission and the Commission on integrity in the follow-up to the work of this market."