View Full Version : Islamic banks to open branches in foreign countries will strengthen Iraq economy

Hue Mi
12-16-2013, 09:12 PM
Economic: Islamic banks to open branches in foreign countries will support and strengthen the Iraqi economy (http://8th-day.com/?p=27765)


Agency day 8
December 16, 2013
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He welcomed the economic and Investment Committee member Rep. mahma Khalil, an Islamic Bank opened an Iraqi proposal on EU countries, indicating it is a step to support the Iraqi economy.

Khalil said that Islamic banks provide services to citizens, better than the other, by giving them loans without interest and routine procedures are complex.

"Many foreign countries including the EU demands to open branches Islamic banks for their importance in the economy, noting that the Islamic banking system among the best in the current time.

The activities of Islamic banks in Iraq began a year ago (1993) when the establishment of the first Islamic Bank in Iraq called ' Islamic ' Bank of Iraq, whereas now there were the trading system of Islamic banking (9) banks, including the Bank and last ' khaleeji ' opened a branch in Iraq. (A.A)