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Hue Mi
12-16-2013, 10:59 PM
Worth 2.8 trillion dinars

Iraq market for securities Announces circulation 867 billion shares during the current year (http://www.aladalanews.net/index.php?show=news&action=article&id=114736)


Justice/Salah Al Hassani 17/12/2013-11: 24 pm | Hits: 12

Announced Iraq market for securities on Monday traded 867 billion shares during the current year worth 2.8 trillion dinars

Mr. Jalil said Obeid, Chairman of the Board of Governors in a speech at the opening of a symposium on the development of capital market investments in Iraq and attended by the (Justice) to the market systems 223 trading session at a rate of five meetings per week until 12 December as the number of listed shares 4.5 trillion shares following the capital increases occurring in 2013,

adding that Iraq has seen two market mechanisms and trading instructions and rules the first time manual trading in June 2004 until April 2009 and second The electronic trading since April 2009 and plastic plates have been replaced with electronic trading at the market and in 48 sites for brokerage firms outside the stock exchange in addition to securities which oversees trading and also in the governorates of Erbil and Sulaymaniyah as branches of spring securities brokerage,

said Mr. Jalil Al Chairman of the Board of Governors, the market decided to stop trading in shares of companies e.g. Software conforming to the disclosure regulations,

the shares of companies that meet disclosure requirements be provided for annual and quarterly data for Panel and market said Dr. Abdul Razzaq Al-Saadi, Chairman of the National Commission for securities,

the holding of this symposium is to identify problems and obstacles facing the market and investors, and an opportunity for an exchange of views between the parties,

and the Symposium dealt with many topics including service busesUnder Secretary of Iraqi banks and take over banks service the financial settlement of securities (clearing) of the Iraq market for securities portfolio to oversee Iraqi banks and non-banks included requirements in the market and the importance of inclusion and capital increase by way of subscription, retrieve surpluses,

it should be noted that the Iraq market for securities was founded on June 2004.

under the Iraq Securities Commission, an independent body established as the American Stock Exchange and the stock exchanges was before April 2003 current market called the Baghdad Stock Exchange name and run by the Iraqi Ministry of finance.

Now it is a self-regulating body, such as the New York Stock Exchange. as of 2005 became the Iraq market for securities is the only stock exchange in Iraq.

When it opened in 2004, there were only 15 companies listed on the market, but now it has inserted more than 100 companies.

In 2005 it was trading at alasmhm per approximately five million dollars.

Alasmhm include the large Bank of Baghdad, Baghdad soft drinks co, Iraqi carpets and furniture and personal moral buyback market profit independent administratively and financially managed by the Board of Governors and the right to ownership of movable and immovable property including real estate. And comply with the instructions of the securities under the Securities Act or any other law replacing it.

One of the objectives of the market organization and training its members and listed companies on the market in a manner commensurate with the aim of protecting investors and enhancing investors' confidence and promote the interests of the investors in the free market a credible, effective, competitive and transparent, organize and simplify securities trading fairly and effectively and systematically, including the operations of the clearing and settlement of such transactions and dealings of its members in all relevant purchase and sale of securities of

And defining the rights and obligations of the parties and the means to protect their legitimate interests and capital market development in Iraq to serve the national economy and assist companies in building capital for investment, raising Iraqi investors and other Iraqis on the free market and investment, collection, analysis and dissemination of statistics and information necessary to achieve the objectives set out in this regulation,

in addition to communicating with stock markets in the Arab world and the international markets in order to develop the market.