View Full Version : parl'y economy swung its discreet global banks to enter country during coming period

Hue Mi
12-25-2013, 09:06 PM
The parliamentary economy swung its discreet global banks to enter the country during the coming period (http://8th-day.com/?p=28387)


Agency day 8
December 25, 2013
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Outweigh the Parliamentary Committee on the economy and investment, the country's respected global banks and investment during the coming period, to effectively contribute to the support and development of the national economy.

He said the Commission's decision "to MP mehma global banks discreet kalamriket and the British are willing to alshidh to enter the Iraqi market to work and invest and contribute actively to the development of the economy of the country by financing development projects walstratiget.

He added that these banks when entering the country would give a moral boost to local banks to develop its work with modern systems and technological developments, stressing that the coming period will see the arrival of major global banks to the country because they are well aware that the next Iraq is Iraq, the economy and reconstruction and investment.

A group of American and British banks to open branches in Iraq for the purpose of contributing to the work in the local market, particularly after the departure of Iraq from Chapter VII of the UN which was imposed by the United Nations. (A.A)