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Hue Mi
12-31-2013, 04:26 AM
Iraq is more developed economically in the world (http://www.alsabaah.iq/ArticleShow.aspx?ID=61018)


31/12/2013 12: 00 am

Experts emphasized the need to adopt a strategy for achieving balanced development

Baghdad-Hussein thghb Al-Tamimi

A number of specialists examined the economic shape of the economic program and political characteristics of the next Government, stand at the most important challenges that confuse the reality of work, stressing the importance of the adoption of programmes of good governance and its impact on the development of all aspects of life in the country during the workshop organized by the Iraqi Institute for economic reform.

Balanced development

Dr. biting back presented his paper which included a brief history of the Iraqi economy and influencing factors and control of the oil sector to GDP and where the paper concluded the need to plan for balanced development and the need to adopt economic programmes and to include qualified and qualified impartial implementation of the programmes.

Biting back in his paper focused on the need to adopt a strategy to support the development of the domestic private sector and the need to support civil society organizations involved and stressed the need to adopt economic and political programs, parties with voter and explain these programs.

Increased oil production

Dr. Kamal Basri, Dean of the Iraqi Institute for economic reform in his speech stressed that acting was read that Iraq is the most developed country in the world (due to the steady increase in oil production) but at a crossroads between optimism and retrogression, because of the challenges to be addressed in the period ahead.
He noted the importance of the adoption of the principles of good governance throughout life and work practices to stabilize the security situation, as well as promoting political governance and basic obligations towards the citizens and raise its economic profile management efficient internal and external dimensions.

Good governance

Optical between the problem of Iraq is not wealth but poverty, lack the democratic development that entails for human development paradigm shift in the Iraqi economy. According to international experience, that this transition can be achieved only by applying the vocabulary of good governance and human development, and that this requires a partnership of Church and State institutions and civil society.

And here he highlights the role of intellectuals in voter education with political and economic characteristics which must be adopted by the next Government, Court, and urged the importance of future Government Government as one team and have the skills to manage the economy, society and security. The existence of the coalition Government (participation) in Iraq has failed, perhaps most notably the factors the absence of institutional action to all government departments.

He stressed the need for the Government to have a programme of work based on the foundations and international experiences (South Korea) reflected by the adoption of market mechanism and economic power itself has an important role to the State of the rule of law, pointing to the importance of the programme of action contains a timetable for the vocabulary of good governance in all State institutions that promote efficiency and equity away from quotas (sequence Iraq now 11 of the 178 (under The Fund report For Prace).

Infrastructure requirements

He noted the importance of completing the infrastructure requirements of a foreign private sector contracts for local public sector and human development indicators and education to ensure the achievement of good governance in all State institutions (Iraq sequence currently 131 186 (under the UNDP releases).

And the importance of the work on the reform of laws and procedures necessary to ensure a suitable environment to attract investment and create employment, as strategic commodities as oil wealth of the Iraqi people under the Constitution and are treated on the basis that the oil law, which is still awaiting its legislation since 2007 and rid Iraq of oil wealth. As well as the further gradual decentralization by endogenous capacity to the provinces, private sector development within an integrated plan is indeed banking reform priorities.

Human capital development

Engineer Ahmed Al-shamma, Undersecretary of the Ministry of oil has noted the importance of human capital development through the advancement of education in the country, pointing to the need for rehabilitation of the Angel and educational function, stressing the importance of the real orientation of the open market economy, pointing out that the oil Ministry's attempts to privatize the distribution sector of the oil and the transformation of future refineries to the private sector did not succeed.