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Hue Mi
01-01-2014, 05:42 AM
Britain is poised to become the strongest economy in Europe by 2030 (http://pukmedia.com/AR_Direje.aspx?Jimare=25854)

28/12/13 17: 19: 00

Britain is poised to become the strongest economy in Europe by 2030

Economic Research Center, said that "Britain is in position to become the strongest economy in Europe by 2030, superior to the German economy, which occupies the Centre of the fourth international, in a recent report issued by the Center.

He cites the British research centre that population growth in Britain contribute to escalation of economic growth, adding that the bodies of the confidence in the British economy, particularly the British Chambers of Commerce.

The British Chambers of Commerce was a few days ago, earlier this month announced the British economy surpassed in 2014 as its record of the peak before the onset of the recession, Britain's economy optimistic.

The Center also predicted by his vision of the global economy and the economic centres of power at this time during the annual meeting of the world economic League, which determines the arrangement of the world's economies and predict the future,

China will overtake the United States in 2028, a period beyond the expectations of some analysts, adding that Britain will be ranked 2nd best economy at the level of the developed countries.

However, this successful performance has yet to catch up with the growth in emerging countries such as India and Brazil.

The report said that growth in the British economy's independence from other European countries is another factor that stimulates progress along with the relative decline of taxes under European standards.

The Center's report highlighted the problems of the euro, and their impact on stronger European economies, including Germany and France, predicted that Germany was influenced by the movement of the euro is the influential Chairman of the retreat, and Britain, while France's economic performance will be among the most worse compared to the rest of the Western economies, which allows the superiority of Britain by the year 2018.

This is due to the slow growth caused by higher taxes as well as other problems facing the euro area.

The report found many radical changes in the world economy, to restructure the order of the first five States the strongest economically, and displaces the Japanese economy, and India ranked third globally by the year 2028.

As for the immediate changes are expected to report stronger 20 simple changes in the world. The first 10 started, expected to submit Russia to Italy's economy, which suffers from grinding recession in eighth place, and Canada advanced to India because of the weakness of the rupiah, making it the second largest economy in the Commonwealth and the 10th world.

In the minimum arrangements a downward movement of the saw the Iranian economy of the twenty-first Centre to Centre, South Africa from 28 to 33.

01-01-2014, 04:48 PM
Don't you just love 16 year predictions ? And weren't' we all supposed to be buying Gold - $5000 an ounce was coming ....

Gold Bulls Retrench as Price Drops Most in 32 Years: Commodities:

“Gold is something we avoid,” said Michael Shaoul (http://topics.bloomberg.com/michael-shaoul/), the chief executive officer of Marketfield Asset Management LLC, which oversees about $17 billion. “The developed economies are growing, and equities remain very interesting, so there is really no reason to be in gold.”


India and China (just did an iPhone deal - OK share prices high on Apple - but find the cheap spin off shares) all want what we have .... start investing in companies that sell our goods back to them ... simple strategy .. will work for years to come.